Tuesday , 30 August 2016

Bangladesh Citizens Work Themselves To The Bone For $10 A Day

Bangladesh is a country with a very high population density and people desperately need work. Some people are only being paid $2 a day, which is why many residents attempt to get a job at the aluminum plant which pays $10 a day. Workers who do get hired are required to work 12 hour days and they rarely see their …

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People That Are Simply Doing It Wrong

Rarely we do see people who’re stupid enough in doing things completely the wrong way. But thanks to the internet for these pictures which prove us that such people even exists. Look at these pictures, this is definitely not the way things are supposed to be done. We sometimes feel really bad for these people who’re simply doing it wrong. …

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Taylor Swift Wearing Sexy Tights

A Little Movie Trivia To Help Distract Your Busy Brain – Leenks Things That Bounce…Bewbs That Is (18 GIFS) – Linkiest 7 Surprising Things That Raise Your Dementia Risk – Retirement Improved Olympic Long Jumper Battle: Darya Klishina vs. Ivana Spanovic – G-Celeb Lingerie Football League Game Goes Off The Rails When Brawl Breaks Out During A Tackle [Video] – …

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