Wednesday , 28 September 2016

Ryan Newman Nip Slip Pics

31 Mortified People Admit Their Worst ‘I Shouldn’t Have Just Said That’ Moment – Linkiest Punk Rocker Chick Gets A Make-Under And Transformed Into A Decent Looking Chick – Leenks The Olsen Twins Bikini Photos in France – G-Celeb Don’t Give Up, There’s Still A Lot Of Summer Out There (42 Photos) – Radass Proposing To Your Girlfriend And Then …

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10 of the most interesting sex scandals to hit Ancient Rome

We all knew Rome was a place of debauchery and pleasure, but Jesus… did these people do anything else? Here are some of the craziest stories of an R-rated nature buried in the crumbling palaces of ancient times. Valeria Messalina, the third wife of Emperor Claudius, was apparently a total freak. She bet the best Roman prostitute that she could …

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Racing history behind a future concept: Chaparral

How did a race car company named Chaparral go from a wild racing design to a futuristic concept? Above is the Chevrolet Chaparral 2J from 1970 and below is Gran Turismo (video game) concept called the 2X Vision VGT. The design began with the 1961 Chaparral “1”. It was built by Jim Hall, Dick Troutman and Tom Barnes with the …

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Perfect Angle Photos That Need To Be Looked Twice

Yeah, I’m serious! You definitely need some time to understand these pictures, at least twice your look. Sometimes all you need to make a shot incredible is to capture that moment at the right time and at a perfect angle. Since perspective is everything, you need to master the art of perspective and right timing in order to take some …

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Funny But Perfect Way of Doing Things

Each and every person on earth have their own unique way of doing things. Whether you like it or not, they love what they are doing. But when some people do things completely the wrong way and end up in miserable fails, there are people who do things in a funny but perfect way. You’ll really be impressed with these …

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