Nina Dobrev Yacht Bikini Pics

10 Tech Myths You Need To Stop Believing – Linkiest 35 Women Tell Their Stories About Being Assaulted by Bill Cosby – NY Mag Thug Life News Anchor Shuts Down Feminist (video) – Leenks Top 10 Worst Movie Sequels – Hexagram Britney Spears Wore a Purple Bikini in Hawaii – G-Celeb Pilots Explain Why We Shouldn’t Worry About Turbulence – ...

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1000 Pound Woman Makes Amazing Transformation After Losing 800 Pounds

At one time this woman could barely move because of her weight. Not she’s confident, mobile and healthy. Mayra Rosales weighed over 1,000 pounds at her heaviest. That’s almost as much as a fully-grown grizzly bear. Mayra had no mobility whatsoever. Chains, supporters, hoists, and lifts were used just for basic bathing. She decided to do something about it though. ...

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This Is How Much Game Of Thrones Properties Would Cost In Real Life

Have you ever wondered how much the locations from “Game of Thrones” would cost if they existed in real life? London and Country Mortgages recently determined what it would cost to live in the most famous locations from Westeros and it’s not cheap.   £1,000,000,000=$1,557,100,000 £250,000,000=$389,095,000 £750,000,000=$1,167,120,000 £3,215,547= $5,004,034.24 £1,647=$2562.90 £200,000,000=$311,259,000 £50,000,000=$77,814,750 £150,000,000=$233,424,000 £643,109=$1,000,741 £217,000,000=$337,673,700 £500,000,000=$778,147,500 £125,000,000=$194,512,500 £375,000,000=$583,560,000 £1,607,774=$2,501,857.12 £677,000,000=$1,053,367,995 ...

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