Sunday , 20 April 2014

Amazing Pokemon Drawings

[nggallery id=195]


  1. I love pokemon! I love !

  2. What is the second picture? I can figure out everything but that..

  3. Picture no.2 is tentacruel

  4. The second picture is actually Mew

  5. Mew looks like a failed genetic experiment.
    Pikachu looks like he smoked something BAAAAAAD. Ash must have been fucking pissed that day.

    Kabuto looks pretty nice though! They should do one of Aerodactyle in the same style.

  6. dammit Mew is a pink FURRED CAT not a hairless rat

  7. The thumbnail image was rather misleading.

  8. pokemon sucks ass. you guys are all 45 year old d-bags. enjoy your beloved fake monsters

  9. WTF? There are no drawings here. Drawings, as the name suggests, are DRAWN! Like, with pencils, crayons, whatever. These are photos. When I clicked the link, I wanted to see drawings and sketches rather than Cosplay snapshots…

  10. gotta love the female cosplay :D . pic 5 is yum

    obviously the second picture is the pokemon Scyther. don’t you know your pokemon :p

  11. wow you guys are fucking stupid.. i dont even like pokemon and i know pic 2 is syther

  12. The Pic # 6 Is Very Funny XDDDD

  13. Here’s your sign admin, for posting photographs and calling them drawings.

  14. How are these drawings?…

  15. ahem
    could have been better without the Faggots dressing up as misty
    that bullshit is reason for eyes bleeding

  16. Pic 2 is from a furry convention. Anthrocon, to be exact.

    I know because… Well… I was there! XD

  17. uh, Misty is strictly water Pokemon. She used to be a water Pokemon gym leader. WHY DOES SHE HAVE A CHARIZARD?!

  18. and pic number 2 is Scyther.

  19. Picture #2 is scyther. And sitting on the floor, behind his right hand is Yoko from Gurren Lagann. I doubt that’s a furry con, as skew rukario said, becuse scyther is the only one dressed as an animal. It looks more like an anime con. Maybe the same costume was worn to a furry con, or it was hosted in the same place? Or both?

  20. These are truely amazing drawings. They are so good the look like photographs.

  21. cosplay =/= drawings

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