Beware Of Channing Tatum’s Dog


Dun dun dun.





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  1. Open letter
    To Channing Tatum

    Hello Channing Tatum,
    I tried to get in touch with you many times, in many different ways. I sent emails, I tried through your website, through facebook, I even tried to connect your agent. Unfortunately, the access is strongly limited. I made this video for you and spread it on the internet.
    I want to invite you to act the main male charachter in my film.
    Channing Tatum – First of all I would like to tell you more about the film and myself.
    My name is Rosica Karadjova. I was born in Bulgaria, My family is also deaf, and I was born deaf. I live with my mother. My father passed away when i was baby. At the moment I am studying acting and dance theatre at a university.
    Three years ago I reached the final of a dance show in Bulgaria, but unfortunately finished second. After the show I decided to write a novel about my life. Unexpectedly for me it turned into a best-seller in Bulgaria. After that I adapted it as a screenplay. I sent it to producers and directors in the US and once again, unexpectedly – they liked it.
    Thus began the story of “The Rhythm of the Heart”. The film is financed by the Central Cooperative Bank – Bulgaria. The producers are UFO International Productions LLC (UFO).
    However, I don’t understand why me, an eternal fan of yours, can’t get in touch with you. Actually, you deserve your fame firstly to us – your fans.
    It’s true I’m a deaf and poor girl, but do I have to be a great star to have your attention?
    And the most important thing – I’m searching you to star in my film. I found the money myself and I’m ready to pay. You shouldn’t be afraid to answer my calls, I’m not looking for alms or regret.
    Remember when you were young and started your career, remember the people that helped you and gave you the chance to be famous.
    I have no strings attached, I just want a better future.
    If I don’t get the chance, it means I’ll lose my future.
    All you, young people, do you realize that losing the future is not like losing elections, but worse
    Whatever happens to my film, I believe no money could make me a hearing person or to cure me. But I have the right to fight for it.
    All I want you to know is that I am a great fan of yours and I’ll always be. I really adore your talent and I wish you all the best.
    Let God be with you and your family!

    The film “The Rhythm of the heart” is an adaptation of the novel by Rossitza Karadjova and is based on her own life, mixed together with her dreams. The leading female role will be performed by Rossitza Karadjova herself, who was born deaf, a winner of Miss Silence Bulgaria – 2010, and a finalist in “Bailando” on Nova TV.
    The film is filled with music, dance and passion. It shows that dreams can become reality and that it is important to dream, no matter what difficulties we may face in our life. Such was the fate of the lead role, Rossi. It’s a story of a little deaf girl, born during the changes in Bulgaria that has lost her father at an early age and stood up in front of the wall erected between the hearing and the deaf people. The film is a story about the struggle of a child to survive in a black and white world of deafness, led by her dream of becoming an actress and make her life more colorful. Rossitza meets Justin and out of the impossible and one-sided love between a girl from the world of the deaf and a boy in the hearing world, their dance is born. Is it possible for the rhythm of the heart, which leads them in their beautiful dances to bring them together off stage as well?

    Kind Regards, Rossi.

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