Bodyguard Blanket Is A Cruel Joke




  1. Who is the dope hyper-reacting about shooting and trashing the second amendment? (Is it the same person who is embracing the Palestinians? lots of good thinking going on there)
    You’re the type of person that thoughtful founders knew we would have to deal with; people who will yield freedom and end up in dragging the rest of us down to the lowest common denominator of their timid ways.
    btw; Have you noticed that your tragic sites were all gun-free zones and ironically; the lowest rate of gun crime is in areas of the highest rate of legal gun ownership. Hmm. Isn’t that something. More guns; less gun crime. The bad folks will be pleased to stay in touch with you and your type.

  2. but america as a whole has a higher rate of gun crime than any other country. why? oh shucks, cause you have millions of guns everywhere. You do realise that america is the laughing stock of the world from practically every other country in the world thats not american. just a fact. yeah so your constitution lets you freely carry guns.. hope that makes you feel better when youve got children and teenagers dyin in schools every day.

  3. Easy! Then don’t come here. Or do business here. Or buy our stuff. Or sell stuff to us. Just laugh away!

  4. Yup, easy. Everything is from China anyway đŸ™‚

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