Wednesday , 18 July 2018


Animals That Will Likely Outlive Us All

The animal kingdom is really special. A plethora of species living in the wild, doing their thing and enjoying the earth for as long as they can. Gotta love it. The lucky ones get to live for quite a long time- here are some animals that have the longest lifespan in the kingdom. African Elephants are some of the most …

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UPS Drivers Post Pictures of Dogs on Facebook page

Remember how earlier in the summer there was a UPS driver who posted a selfie with some cute dogs and just made the internet collectively go “Awwww…” Yeah. Well, I’m about to make the internet go “Awww… hell yeah!” Apparently there’s an entire Facebook account called UPS DOGS, where drivers upload pictures of the good boys and girls that they …

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Dogs Are Our Best Friends

They let you dress them up to look silly just for you to take a photo. They forget how big they may be just because they want to sit on you like they did when they were puppies. They anxiously wait for you to wake up so that they can just be there with you. They just want to be …

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These Photos Will Remind Any Dog Lover That Perfect *Does* Exist

Let’s be real, nothing in life is ever really “perfect.” That would make things far too easy wouldn’t it? However, any dog owner can attest to the fact that our four-legged pals make just about everything better. So maybe they’re the perfect ones after all? At least, that’s what each of these hilariously accurate photos is trying to tell us …

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18 Photos Of Cats Doing What They Do Best

You may be thinking, “Not my cat. My cat is an angel. My cat loves me.” No. If your cat was 50lbs heavier it would murder you and everyone in your neighborhood. The only things cats care about are naps, food, and getting whatever they want exactly when they want it. Oh damn, I think I might be a cat.

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There IS A Reason Why They Call A “Bearcat”

This, ladies and gentlemen, is a Binturong. Otherwise known as a “Bearcat”. Rightfully so- this adorable yet intimidating creature has the body of a small bear yet the face of a large cat. Ever heard of them before? Me neither. These things are classified as “Vulnerable” and are almost never seen in the wild these days. However, when they are …

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