Most memorable animals of 2015

2015 has been one hell of a ride for all our favorite animals. From crazy cat’s to lovable otters, there have been plenty of animals throughout the year that have put smiles on our faces. I’m pretty sure I missed a few in this collection of memorable animals, but I’m fairly sure there will be plenty more animal memes to …

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One Eyed Pirate Cat Finally Finds A New Home

Wesley is a one eyed cat who spent many months living in an animal shelter. But he’s finally found a forever home in Iowa and his owner Rheanne Charise Taylor has turned him into an Instagram star. Wesley is taking the social media network by storm as he’s already amassed over 5,000 followers.

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German Shepard Tells The Story Of Her Last Day On Earth

Imgur user NickCageMatch shared the tearjerking tale of his dog’s last day on Earth. He presented the story through a series of photos and even narrated the whole thing from the dog’s point of view. “Hi, my name is Lena! Unfortunately, yesterday I started my forever nap. Don’t be sad, because I was a happy 15.5 years old! I want …

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See How A Python Digests Other Animals

Pythons have been known to eat other reptiles but due to their rough skin they don’t go down easily. It takes about a week for a python to digest another reptile depending on its size and this is what it looks like. You might also like: Python Eats Crocodile (13 pics)

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Two Alligators Engage In Battle On A Florida Golf Course

Two massive alligators recently got into a fight at Myakka Pines golf course in Englewood, Florida, on Saturday. A 12 foot alligator named Goliath decided to attack a smaller 10 foot alligator that was trespassing on his turf. Golfers watched on in awe as the two battled like gladiators.

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Interesting Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About The Octopus

The octopus is one of the most unique and creepy looking creatures in the ocean. Today you’re going to learn some fun facts about this unique sea dweller and you’ll never forget them. The octopus is the smartest of all of the invertebrates on Earth, which make up 95% of ALL of the animals. It has around 300 million neurons …

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