Thursday , 26 April 2018


Brutal Cats And Savage Black Metal Lyrics

So, this genius over at Black Metal Cats pairs pictures of sinister looking felines with black metal music lyrics and the result is actually completely accurate. We all know these furballs are out to destroy the world, this simply adds a little perspective. Also, every one of these is pretty much me on Mondays…

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Funny Dog Thoughts

I often think that if my dog could speak, what would he actually say? Dogs also can’t use twitter but if they could, this twitter account perfectly sums up the every day “Thoughts of a Dog” that all dog owners can relate to. From taking up all the space in your bed to the science of belly rubs, these hilarious …

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The “Saddest” Kitty On The Planet

Maggie Liu is an adorable little kitten that, for whatever reason, looks like she’s on a non-stop train to Feelsville. Don’t worry though, she’s very loved and lives in a great household! Misery loves company.

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Heroic dog EARNS much needed NAP after life-altering event

Bretagne (pronounced “Britney”) is a Search And Rescue (SAR) golden retriever from Texas Task Force-1. For this beautiful dog, it has been a very long and hard week. Below is the full image of this powerful photo. Date: Sept. 21st, 2001 Location: World Trade Center Ten days after 9-11 The young SAR dog was only 2 years old when her …

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Airline rescues hundreds of animals from Texas shelters

Animal shelters across Texas are pushing past their capacities after taking in thousands of pets displaced by Hurricane Harvey. To help with the overflow Southwest Airlines loaded one of their planes full of dogs and cats escaping the storm. By taking the pets out of Texas and into less full shelters they will create space back in Texas to rescue …

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