Wednesday , 27 July 2016



Meet The Cat That Thinks He Lives In A Supermarket

Olly Oliver is a six year old cat who lives next to the Sainsbury’s in Brockley, but you can’t tell him that. He seems to think that he’s actually supposed to be living inside the store. Security has had him removed from the property before but he just keeps coming back.

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A one-eyed surfing cat lives the absolute life in Hawaii

Kuli the surfing cat is a rescue feline who is living the life of luxury in Honolulu. Owners Alexandra Gomez and Kristen Littleton adopted their furry friend when he was 3-months old. After he got surgery to remove an infection in his eye, they say that he became comfortable with water during the recovery process, which involved a lot of …

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Meet The Couple That Lets A Hog Live Inside Their House

Dorian and Raffaele Giustozzi from Italy found this hog living in the wild and close to death. They decided to take him in and nurse him back to health but they had a hard time letting him go. He’s become a part of the family and now they couldn’t imagine living life without him.

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These Two Brave Dogs Survived After A Tornado Trapped Them Under A Home

Tornadoes recently ravaged the state of Texas, destroying 600 buildings and killing 11 people. Michael Delgado from Rowlett, Texas had his home destroyed but luckily his pets are safe. Michael spent hours searching through the rubble for his dogs when finally he heard barking. After digging a little bit more he discovered that his two dogs were alive and well.

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Body transformations: pets edition

Thanks to something called pet fit club these cats and dogs have lost a stack of weight. So take solace in the fact that weight loss isn’t that hard if an animal can do it so can you………but in January obviously you’ve got a lot to eat and drink over this most festive of periods. Kayla is a Mastiff type …

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