Tuesday , 20 February 2018


Seal Finds Toy Version Of Itself, Can’t Stop Hugging It

If there’s anything cuter than a seal, it’s a seal with a plush version of itself! This adorable animal at Mombetsu Land, an attraction in Japan’s Hokkaido district, got a special present from the zoo staff – a plushie that looks just like the ‘mini me’ version of the seal. Clearly, the seal got smitten with the toy, as he …

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Refugee Boy Refuses To Leave Injured Stray Dog Until Help Arrives

An 8-year-old refugee from war-torn Syria named Hüseyin el-Hasan just got our faith in humanity restored after helping an injured stray dog. Hüseyin spotted a doggie hit by a car near his new home in Kilis, Turkey. The boy immediately rushed to help, and brought a blanket from his home – even when his own house was experiencing some heating …

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Creatures you might not want to see in the wild

Thorny Dragon – This thing looks pretty terrifying walking through the Australian desert. It’s spiky and has a fake head on the back of its neck to scare predators. Pink Fairy Armadillo – Nothing like the armadillos you would see in Texas. This is the smallest breed of armadillo in the world at 9 – 11.5cm long. You can find …

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Chinchillas’ Butts Are So Round, They Look Fake

Don’t worry, they’re not being overfed or groomed everyday to look that round, it’s just how their fur naturally looks like. On Cameron’s website many people state that the chinchillas are being taken care of extremely well, they have lots of toys, are being played with daily and are as happy as any chinchilla could be. What you’re seeing is …

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Asian Elephants Spotted In India

Three Asian elephants were spotted grazing in the mountains in Kothagiri, India, and luckily a photographer was there to snap photos of the animals. The photographer says that the mountain was very slippery and he has no idea how they kept their balance.

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