Sunday , 23 September 2018


These Portraits Of Animals Are Not What They Look Like

” As an adult, I discovered that charity shops, second-hand shops, car boot sales, bead shops and even Brighton Beach were also rich in treasure. Combining my love of treasure and art I have been creating art pieces using just beads and buttons for 2 years now. Each bead or button is individually glued on taking me between 1-2 months …

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‘Dog Photographer Of The Year’ Contest Announces The Winners

Overall Winner And Man’s Best Friend 1st Place Winner Maria Davison Ramos, Portugal “For me, capturing real and candid moments is what photography is all about. This is one of those moments. My friend had just adopted Yzma and while we were chatting in the kitchen I was taking some photographs. The location and the light were far from perfect, …

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Woman Saves Cheetah Kitten From Trophy Hunters

Heather Touki is a 23 year old from Kent with a unique pet. A few years ago she started working at a Cheetah Reservation in Africa, and the animals were intended for rich clients to hunt. She was determined to rescue one, so she spent 5,000 British pounds to take one home, and now she’s the proud owner of Teardrop.

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Indian Elephant Chained Over 50 Years Is Finally Freed

Gajraj at Aundh prior to his rescue Life was not happy for this beautiful creature The aged tusker has a serious toenail abscess in his right front foot & left hind foot which requires immediate medical attention The mob gathered around the Wildlife SOS Elephant Ambulance in Aundh Gajraj entering the Wildlife SOS Elephant Ambulance Wildlife SOS staff eagerly await …

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Every Day This Dog Rides The Bus All By Herself To Go To The Park

If you ride a D line bus in Seattle, you can meet this unexpected furry passenger named Eclipse… “All the bus drivers know her. She sits here just like a person does” The doggie rides the bus all by herself, has a bus pass attached to her collar, and gets off at her favorite park It all started when the …

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