Saturday , 22 September 2018


Rescued Puppy Gets A Much Needed Bath

This poor puppy was found covered in a sticky black resin, and no one’s sure how it happened. Luckily volunteers from Zoonosis Lanus decided to step in and help, and after an intense five hour bath, the puppy was finally clean again.

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Same-sex Vultures Hatch An Abandoned Egg Together

Staff members at a zoo in Amsterdam found an abandoned egg on the floor of the vulture aviary At first they put it in an incubator, but then they came up with a better idea They decided to give a gay couple of vultures an opportunity to adopt the egg The male birds alternated sitting on it and hatched the …

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This Frog Is Not As Large As It Seems

A man in Texas shot and killed a massive bullfrog and his photo has gone viral. However, it’s been revealed that the frog isn’t actually as big as it appears, and the picture is an optical illusion created by extending the frog in front of the camera.

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Animals VS. Women: Fight of the century!

We know dogs are “man’s best friend”, but what did these women do to piss off these other animals? Whatever it was, thanks for the amusement, ladies. Your sacrifice makes Monday just a little easier to get through.

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