Tuesday , 20 February 2018


Animals Are Out Best Friend

It’s pretty well-known that penguins ‘propose’ to one another by finding and presenting a pebble to their potential mate, but it turns out that that isn’t where the romance ends with these flightless love birds. Once together, penguins are virtually inseparable. The only time that are separated are for hunts and during extreme blizzards in which they get lost. Elephants …

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Now This Is A Funny Way To Document Your Labrador’s Growth

“Axl, about 5 days after we took him home (7.5 weeks). His full name is Axl Riley, Axl was born on 9/11 so his middle name is in tribute to one of the many rescue dogs that worked at ground zero” “He always followed me into the bathroom. Here he is at 8.5 weeks” “9 & 1/2 weeks (The puppy, …

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Rescued Dog Makes Heartwarming Transformation

Just a fair warning, the first few images are pretty nasty. So, yeah. This BBL (beautiful black lab) was rescued from a squatter camp. She was not only malnourished, but she was riddled with ticks. Most people lose their minds when one tick is found. LOOK AT ALL THOSE TICKS. Dear oh dear. The process of removing all of the …

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An Open Letter to My Dead Dog

In coming home for the holidays (Kamloops, BC- a small town in the interior of British Columbia) I was greeted at the door by a chorus of loud barks and wagging tails. It made me forget, if only for a second, how god damn cold it was. Living away from loved ones is never easy, but it’s amplified by 1,000,000 …

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Awesome Pet-Proof Christmas Trees

You can always tell who didn’t pet-proof their home the instant you walk in. On a normal day that could mean a knocked over lamp, a ripped open pillow, litter on the floor. On Christmas? A whole ‘nother ballgame. The pets can’t help it: twinkling lights, fuzzy trees and sparkly stuff? It’s in their nature to screw it up. And …

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Funny Animals That Prove They’re Good For More Than Just Being Cute

Funny animals are way better than funny people because they’re cute but also funny animals don’t ask you to follow them on Twitter. If funny animals could talk they would probably be really annoying. So, as a warning to scientists of the future: once you invent the helmet that let’s animals talk, they’re gonna be way less funny. Let us …

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