Tuesday , 24 October 2017


Man Got Same Tattoo As Dog And Has Immediate ‘Ragrats’

A Texas man has been left with a few ragrats recently after getting what was supposed to be a meaningful tribute to his dog tattooed on his forearm. The owner, who is only known as Chris, thought a tattoo on his dog’s pelvic area was from an abusive former owner and decided as an act of solidarity he’d share the …

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Dogs Breeds That Were More Than Pets

Nowadays, they like to take it a little easier on their tiny legs. Dachshund: Badger Chasers These adorable little buggers are the perfect example of why you shouldn’t judge something based on its size. Them being so low to the ground coupled with their sheer fearlessness made them great at chasing badgers away. They would literally dive into narrow burrows …

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Brutal Cats And Savage Black Metal Lyrics

So, this genius over at Black Metal Cats pairs pictures of sinister looking felines with black metal music lyrics and the result is actually completely accurate. We all know these furballs are out to destroy the world, this simply adds a little perspective. Also, every one of these is pretty much me on Mondays…

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Funny Dog Thoughts

I often think that if my dog could speak, what would he actually say? Dogs also can’t use twitter but if they could, this twitter account perfectly sums up the every day “Thoughts of a Dog” that all dog owners can relate to. From taking up all the space in your bed to the science of belly rubs, these hilarious …

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The “Saddest” Kitty On The Planet

Maggie Liu is an adorable little kitten that, for whatever reason, looks like she’s on a non-stop train to Feelsville. Don’t worry though, she’s very loved and lives in a great household! Misery loves company.

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