Saturday , 10 December 2016



People Were Scared Of This Cat, But A 7 Year Old Girl Saved Her

This poor disfigured cat was living on the streets of Instanbul, and most people refused to even look at it. Then one day a 7 year old girl showed up, and took the cat in. The cat was taken to the vet who surgically repaired some of the animal’s features, and now it has the life it’s always deserved.

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Cats in hats cut from their own backs

It’s only Monday, and already the internet has me confused. As if cats aren’t strange enough on their own, Japanese photographer Ryo Yamazaki takes shed hair from his own cats and turns it into an odd fashion statement. Participating in this bizarre hair-hat experiment (my guess is against their will) are Ryo’s Scottish fold cats: Nyaa 8-year old (tabby), Mar …

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Moose Gets Stuck In A River

Jeff Erickson of Unalakleet, Alaska, published this picture of two moose stuck in a river. It looks like they ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time, and they paid the price. Source

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Woman Finds A New Friend In A Deaf And Earless Cat

Molly Lichtenwalner suffers from anxiety disorder so she decided she needed a cat. When she saw a deaf and earless white cat named Otitis, she knew it was meant to be, so, she adopted him. She says that when she adopted him she was having severe anxiety because a car accident, and that he is the only thing that can …

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Who knew a tiny human could save a rescue?

There’s a special bond between dogs and their human friends and there’s nothing greater then finding a dog that just fits in to your dynamic. That’s what happened between Nora, an 8 year old rescue, and little Archie. Elizabeth Spence, Archie’s mom, loves taking pictures of her kids and has been sharing them on her Instagram for the last few …

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