Monday , 26 February 2018


Rescued Deer Becomes A Local Celebrity In Norway

After a family found this wild deer injured, they nursed it back to health and saved it from certain death. Now the deer has become a local celebrity, and the locals have named him Flippen. The deer visits the family who rescued him every day, and local businesses have been donating food to make sure he gets a proper meal.

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Dog With Broken Paw Gets Rescued

This poor dog was discovered in a landfill in Spain, and when it was found it was in rough shape. The dog had a broken paw, so rescuers took her to the vet, and that’s when they realized she recently had puppies. Luckily the rescuers from the puppies as well, and the happy family was reunited in a safe in …

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Animal Cuteness

No matter how tough you are, how many tattoos you have, or how brutal you want your movies to be, once you have a look at these photos of cute animals, you will melt like butter. So exercise your inner ‘awww’ and revel in these adorable photos that are going to make you look for a hard wall to punch …

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Funny and Cute Animal Pictures

There are people who love animals so much, then there are some others who don’t. But even though people doesn’t love animals, they might at least love seeing them in pictures. Cute and adorable animals are everywhere, you just need to be there in order to see them enjoying their life. If you haven’t seen them being adorable in real-life, …

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Sometimes Pets Are Enough To Ruin Your Whole Day

Are you a pet owner? Do you own cats or dogs? Then you most probably be suffering from these destructions. These are nothing but some usual scenes that every pet-owner can be related to. So this gallery is for you irrespective of whether you own a pet or not. Have a seat on your sweet couch and enjoy the pictures …

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