Sunday , 23 September 2018


Funny Zoo Signs

The main purpose of a sign is to be helpful, but that doesn’t mean is can’t be fun too! We already showed you creative bathroom signs, and now, we’ve got something even better in store for you – zoo signs.

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Meet Zorro The Fox

Zorro has made my backyard his home for the last 3 winters, visiting me daily He shows up during the day and nap for hours, sometimes on the ground, sometimes inside the playpen! He is a very handsome fox, and I’m thankful he trusts me enough to get close to capture his good side He visits me year round, but …

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Stray Cat Brings Her Babies to Father And Son Who Gave Her Food

What seemed like an ordinary father and son’s camping trip took a cute turn when a stray cat came to their camp. The guys quickly made friends with the feline but weren’t really prepared for a starving visitor, so they improvised and caught a bluegill for a cat to feast on. But then… the cat just vanished. Until the next …

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Crows Are The Most Badass Birds in The Animal Kingdom

Crows (and corvids, the family that includes crows, ravens, rooks and magpies), like to pull the tails of birds and animals who are twice as big as them ’cause they are not afraid. Some argue that this behavior was developed to snatch food away – but the other theory is that crows simply like to behave like major assholes.

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This obese monkey is going to fat camp!

In Thailand there is an obese monkey which has been nicknamed Uncle Fatty and he was recently seen gorging on food. Officials are planning to rescue him and then send him to “fat camp” so he can lose weight before returning to the wild.

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