Friday , 23 February 2018


Adopted cat devotes his life to helping healing animals

Lucifer is an adopted cat who lives in an animal clinic in Perm, Russia. After an accident involving a door and his legs he was left paralyzed due to a damage spine, but that doesn’t get him down. With the doctors’ help he recovered and began giving moral support to the other animals in the clinic. He’s even a donor …

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Ranking the most painful insect stings on the planet

Entomologist Justin Schmidt has been stung more than 1,000 times by over 80 different species, and luckily for us he ranked those insect stings on his “Schmidt Pain Scale for Stinging Insects.” The stings were ranked on a four-point scale. The honey bee was used as a reference point with a rating of 2 on the scale. Half points were …

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A Woman Found An Abandoned Puppy In A Garbage Bag

Kentucky-based Malissa Sergent Lewis took a shortcut to work because she was running late and she noticed something peculiar. The saw a moving garbage bag so she decided to investigate. When she opened the bag she found a puppy wearing a collar with no tag. She then took the dog home, and nursed it back to health.

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