Thursday , 20 September 2018


A Woman Found An Abandoned Puppy In A Garbage Bag

Kentucky-based Malissa Sergent Lewis took a shortcut to work because she was running late and she noticed something peculiar. The saw a moving garbage bag so she decided to investigate. When she opened the bag she found a puppy wearing a collar with no tag. She then took the dog home, and nursed it back to health.

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Poisonous, Venomous, & not to be f**ked with

Puffer Fish There is no antidote to their toxins, and a single fish can kill up to 30 adult humans. Their skin, muscle tissue, liver, and gonads contain tetrodotoxin, which is nearly 1,200 times more poisonous than cyanide. Poison Dart Frog The toxins that these beautiful looking frogs release can kill up to 10 men per frog. Keep in mind, …

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Pet Raccoon Gets Adorable Haircut On Its Back

The Best Haircut of the Year award has to go to this lovable two year old raccoon from Taiwan. His name is Uni and his owner takes him for a shave once a year and instead of shaving him completely, this year he got the coolest haircut ever.

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Lion on death’s doorstep is rescued and then finds love

The USDA recently investigated a local entertainment facility in Texas where they found several big cats in desperate need of aid. Among the exotic cats were Kahn and Sheila, and the duo was being used as attractions for birthday parties, weddings and private events. According to the USDA, they had been both severely neglected and abused. However, Shiela was in …

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Toucan Gets A Second Chance Thanks To A 3D Printed Beak

This poor toucan was beaten by a group of teenagers and left to die, but luckily he was given a second chance. Some good people gave him the attention he needed, and helped create a new beak for him using a 3D printer. Now he’s one of the happiest birds in Costa Rica.

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Stray Dog Follows Flight Attendant And Finds A New Home

This dog took a chance and found itself a forever home. Olivia Sievers is a German flight attendant who made frequent flights to Buenos Aires. She met there a stray dog that she called Rubio. She gave him some food and petted him. After this the dog followed her to her everywhere. Then every time she flew to Buenos Aires …

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