Puppies make me happy

Feels good to be back in the drivers seat after a long over due vacation. Spent the week unplugged in the desolate woods of the dirty south. Time to get back to business, now back to our regularly scheduled program.

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Diego The Tortoise Has Saved His Entire Species

This tortoise has been very busy over the last 50 years and he’s fathered more than 800 offspring. His name is diego and he was taken from the San Diego Zoo to the Galapagos Islands 50 years ago for breeding purposes, and he’s more than held up his end of the bargain.

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Adopted cat devotes his life to helping healing animals

Lucifer is an adopted cat who lives in an animal clinic in Perm, Russia. After an accident involving a door and his legs he was left paralyzed due to a damage spine, but that doesn’t get him down. With the doctors’ help he recovered and began giving moral support to the other animals in the clinic. He’s even a donor …

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