Friday , 21 September 2018


Alabama Uses Her Bare Hands To Catch A 30 Pound Catfish

Hannah Barron of Crenshaw County, Alabama isn’t afraid of catfish in the least. She uses a technique called “noodling” to catch them. When someone wants to use the technique all you have to do is stick your hand in a catfish hole and wait for them to bite your arm.

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If You Are Going To Have A Cat, Look What Is Waiting For You

You will lose your cat for several hours and panic, before finding them at the back of the wardrobe. At first you will try to stop your cat destroying your furniture, but eventually you will realise that some territory will have to be surrendered. You will call your cat many names, but rarely the name you actually gave them. You …

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Proof That Cops Can Be Sweet When They Want To Be

When police in Ohio discovered that a dove had built a nest on the hood of their car they did everything in their power to make sure the bird was as comfortable as possible. They hooked her up with an umbrella and even dug up some worms so she could eat dinner.

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Cute Stray Cats From The Streets Of Tokyo

Japanese photographer Masayuki Oki loves taking pictures of all the stray cats in Tokyo. He spends a lot of time following these furry little creatures and capturing their cutest moments. He’s built up a following of cat lovers on Instagram and if you want to keep up with his antics you can follow him there.

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Dog Saves Its Owner From Getting Stabbed

This woman’s ex boyfriend was waiting for her with a knife but luckily her dog Lucy sensed the danger. Lucy did what she needed to do and jumped into action to defend her owner. Unfortunately Lucy got stabbed in the process but it just goes to show that a dog’s loyalty knows no boundaries.

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