Thursday , 23 November 2017


Dog Survives After Being Rescued From A Tar Pit

This man and his son were driving down a desert road when they noticed a dog in a nearby tar pit. The dog was then taken to a Veterinary clinic and luckily it was discovered that he wold be able to make a full recovery. He’s been hanging out with the staff as he continues to gain his strength back.

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Every Year This Penguin Swims 8,000 Kilometers To See One Man

A few years ago 71-year-old Joao Pereira de Souza found a penguin who was covered in oil and almost dead. He rescued the penguin and named him Dimdim. The animal lived with Joao for 11 months before it returned to the wild. But Dimdim still swims 8,000 kilometers every single year to say thanks. “Everyone said he wouldn’t return but …

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Puppy rescued from burning home becomes a firefighter

Everyone loves a happy ending, and that’s exactly what happened to a pup called Jake. At three weeks old, Jake was trapped in a burning garage. His mom and some of his siblings managed to escape but just as Jake went to run, the ceiling collapsed, trapping him inside. Jake was saved by a local firefighter named Bill Lindler. “I …

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This puppy had to get braces, and it’s earth-shatteringly adorable

Meet Wesley the Golden Retriever. This adorable (now six-month-old) pooch had a few teething problems while getting older and now has to wear little doggy braces. Sure, ‘little doggy braces’ isn’t necessarily the scientific term to describe them, but this will probably be the last time I get to say that phrase on the Internet and you’re not taking that …

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