Cat Owners Use GPS To Learn About Their Pets’ Habits

A few Australian cat owners decided to tag their cats with GPS units so that they could see where the cats are going in their free time. Most of the owners assumed that their cats were staying local but a few of them were surprised when they finally saw where their cats were roaming.

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Lucky Tortoise Receives The First Ever 3D Printed Shell

Freddy the tortoise was unfortunately caught in a fire in Brazil and he was badly injured. Things didn’t look good for Freddy but a group known as The Animal Avengers came to his rescue. They helped to create the world’s first ever 3D printed shell and with it they’ve been able to give Freddy a second chance at life.

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Snow Leopards Love Nothing More Than Playing With Their Fluffy Tails

Out of all the felines in the world Snow Leopards definitely have the coolest tails. Their tails can sometimes grow to be between 80 to 105 centimeters long and they’re extra fluffy. Snow Leopards often wrap their tails up around their face so that they can protect themselves from the cold but even that little ones like the play with …

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Ballet cat dances with such beauty and grace

Some cats might excel in hunting mice or birds, others might have more of a fondness for napping or eating lasagna, but this curious feline has decided to take up something a tad more off the beaten path — dancing. Ballet dancing to be precise.

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Horse Gets Rescued After Spending Four Hours In A Ditch

A two meter deep drain is not somewhere that a horse wants to be. But this poor horse from New Zealand fell in a ditch and the poor animal couldn’t even keep its own head out of the mud until help arrived. It took four hours, but a team of people came together to get the horse out and the …

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Thousands Of Snakes Come Out Of Hibernation In Canada

After 8 months of hibernation the snakes in in Narcisse, Canada are ready to get back out into the world. They’ve been hibernating underground to try and shelter themselves from the freezing cold temperatures but now there are thousands of snakes roaming around Narcisse.

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In Costa Rica There’s An Institute That Takes Care Of Orphaned Sloths

The institute takes care in Costa Rica takes care of little baby sloths who either lost or were abandoned by their mothers. These fine people are helping to make sure that these animals get the care that they need and deserve. Human encroachment is a huge threat to sloth populations That’s why Sam Trull started The Sloth Institute Costa Rica …

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