This puppy had to get braces, and it’s earth-shatteringly adorable

Meet Wesley the Golden Retriever. This adorable (now six-month-old) pooch had a few teething problems while getting older and now has to wear little doggy braces. Sure, ‘little doggy braces’ isn’t necessarily the scientific term to describe them, but this will probably be the last time I get to say that phrase on the Internet and you’re not taking that …

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Be Careful Because You Might Get Lost In This Cat’s Beautiful Eyes

Wow, this cat has some incredible looking eyes. This British Shorthair’s name is Colby and the cat has received over 200,000 likes on Instagram thanks to its deep blue eyes. People are comparing the cat’s look to Ben Stiller’s “Blue Steel” from his movie “Zoolander.” Fans have even started a petition to have the cat star in “Zoolander 3.”

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