Thursday , 30 March 2017


This Man Took In 20 Puppies

Greg Zubiak went hunting in the woods when he stumble upon a box filled with 20 puppies. He knew he couldn’t just leave the puppies there to fend for himself so he took them in. This man definitely deserves some sort of award for having such a kind heart.

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This Spider Is The Size Of A Puppy

Most normal people are afraid of spiders and with good reason. They’re creepy, they’re weird looking and some of them can kill you. This guy however is not afraid at all and he was thrilled to come across this gigantic spider.

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This Family Has A Lion As A House Pet

During a trip to Africa actress Tippi Hedren and her family wanted to make a movie about lions so they figured they had to learn everything they could about the animal. In order to learn about lions they adopted one as a pet and it’s now a member of their family.

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Gannets Diving For Fish In The Shetland Isles

It’s rare that you get to take a look at what happens when a bird dives into the water the catch a fish. Richard Shucksmith who lives on the Shetland Isles used his camera to get an inside look and the photos he captured are simply stunning.

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Cat Kills Large Snake

Cats are notorious for being great hunters but the fact that this cat was able to take out this large snake is just downright impressive.

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Brave Rangers Rescue A Baby Elephant

When a baby elephant got stuck in a watering hole in Addo Elephant National Park, South Africa, some rangers came to its rescue. They put their own lives at risk to save the life of this baby elephant and succeeded.

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