Did You Know That Owls Can Swim Too?

Photographer and birder Steve Spitzer noticed this owl who had been attacked by two falcons. Steve went to go save the owl from the water but noticed that the bird just started swimming on its own. This is definitely not something you see every day.

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If I Fits… I Sits!

It’s My Cat In a Box Tons of cats find their way into boxes. It seems like cardboard boxes are a natural safe haven for animals. But this guy surprises us by fitting into a box that’s only slightly bigger than the size of his head!

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By Using Cheap Ikea Toys, You Can Make Custom Beds For Your Furry Friends

At first glance, the IKEA Duktig Doll Bed is just that…a bed for dolls. But with a little creative thinking and a sleepy critter, this $20 toy becomes a cozy human-style bed for pets. What do you get when fluffy animals sleep in pint-sized human beds? Indisputable cuteness. Prepare to squee all over the place when you see these snoring …

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