Saturday , 22 September 2018


Animals That Are Now Extinct

It’s a sad reality that we as humans have completely wiped out hundreds of thousands of species that were here long before we were during our short time on this planet. Over hunting, poaching, and simply destroying their natural habitats play a huge part in the destruction we’ve caused. Here are a handful of animals that no longer exist.

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They Live Deep Underwater

Peanut Worm Glass Sponge Cookiecutter Shark Red Spiny Crab Coffinfish Blob Fish ‘faceless’ Fish Lizard Fish Dumbo Octopus Zombie Worm Corallimorph Brittle Star Giant Anemone-Sucking Sea Spiders Herd Of Sea Pigs Flesh-Eating Crustaceans Tripod Fish Pancake Urchin

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