Monday , 30 November 2015



Black Bear Tries To Sneak In Through The Cat Door

An Idaho man named Doug Harder got an unexpected surprise on Thursday night when a black bear tried to get into his condo through the cat door. Dog says this isn’t the first time something like this has happened as he’s caught bears on his deck eating his bird seed before.

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Miracle Cat Comes Home After House Burns Down

Debi and Jeff Brusatori recently had to evacuate their Hayfork, California when it became engulfed in flames. They took their cat with them but as they were driving away the cat jumped out the window of their moving car. They feared the worst but five days later they returned back to their property to find the cat alive and well.

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Orphaned Baby Kangaroo Won’t Let Go Of His Teddy Bear

This baby kangaroo named Doodlebug is being cared for by a woman named Gillian Abbott in the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales, Australia. He’s been an orphan since he was very young but the one thing he always takes with him is his teddy bear. This orphaned kangaroo was nursed back to health by Gillian Abbott, who gave …

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Kindhearted Woman Hangs Out At The Shelter And Reads Books To Lonely Dogs

Redditor puglife123 volunteers at the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society and lately the shelter has been getting a visitor. A woman has been coming into the shelter and reading books to lonely dogs to let them know that they’re still loved. The dogs can’t understand what she’s saying but volunteers at the shelter say that the woman keeping them company has …

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