Thursday , 23 November 2017


Banana Slug

Banana slug is a common name for three species of air-breathing land slug in the genus Ariolimax. These slugs are often yellow in color and are sometimes spotted with brown like a ripe banana. It can be 9.8 in (25 cm) long.

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Man’s Best Friend

Miguel Guzman died in 2006. His German Shepard, named Captain, ran away from his home and lived since then at Miguel’s grave. Captain refuses to come back home. The cemetery staff has taken over feeding and caring for him while he looks over his master.

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Rescued Kitten

One family found a newborn kitten in the bushes near their house. He was weak and almost dying. They took him home, wrapped a hot pack in a towel for him to sleep on. The kitten survived and now Noah is a new family member.

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