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These Sculptures Are Made From An Everyday Item


Artist Augusto Esquivel creates sculptures using not only an unexpected medium, but also an unexpected way of using them. To create his life-sized, three-dimensional pieces, he uses buttons and thread. But he doesn’t sew the buttons to anything. Oh no. Instead, Esquivel hangs the buttons on the thread to create a 3D sculpture using nothing but meticulously sorted colored buttons.

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Mother And Daughter Turn Used Antique Pocketwatch Parts Into Jewelry


Mother Elainer and Daughter Alice from Hampshire, UK teamed up to take Steampunk to the next level with their imaginative creations and painstaking attention to details. Back in 2011 the duo found a bag of old 1930’s-1960’s watch parts in their garage, given to Elaine back in the 1980’s when she used to run a craft shop. They thought the parts were too unusual and beautiful to be hidden in the garage and started creating jewelry from them.

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This Clock Is A Work Of Art


This piece of art is simply named The Clock. What you’re seeing is a blown up and more detailed version of what a microchip looks like inside of a wrist watch. This piece of art is complex and visually stunning but it’s also capable of telling time

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Fairytale Garden In The Attic


Daniela Majic is a portrait photographer from Canada who uses her small attic to create fairytale garden scenes for her latest series called The Secret Garden. In her blog, she mentions that she treats the set as an art installation. The set began with a small wall which she covered in flowers.

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Most People Would Overlook An Old Saw Blade…But Not This Artist


It’s no secret that saw blades can be used to make all kinds of beautiful things, from furniture to houses. Yet most people probably don’t think that they can be turned into art themselves. Artist Daniel Thomson of MyndScapes saw something in saw blades other than their utilitarian nature. He turns the once plain tools into canvases for his artwork.

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Goddesses Materialising Out Of Nowhere


Oliver Oettli says that he usually doesn’t do stuff like his Power Winds photo series but these photos became his most well known project. And rightly so. They feel magical, as if these women were supernatural beings. No digital tricks here: Photoshop was only used to adjust colour and contrast.

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How The Euro Would Look If It Was Designed By This Hungarian Student


The euro is a controversial currency, but one thing that we can agree upon is that this currency might look a lot better if Hungarian graphic design student Barbara Bernat had anything to say about it. She created a series of fictional Hungarian euros with beautiful and elegant illustrations of European plants and animals that I would just love to have a wad of in my lonely and empty wallet.

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These Students Are Blown Away By What’s Waiting In Their Classroom


It’s important for students to feel inspired in whatever they’re studying. The best way to encourage this is to surround them with fascinating things to pique their interests. At least that’s what a middle school art teacher and Reddit user found. His method of inspiring his students also serves as a great way to pass his free time in the classroom.

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These 24 Jaw-Dropping Bad Tattoo Cover-Ups


A good tattoo artist is hard to find, but a good tattoo artist that really knows how to do a cover-up is an absolute gem. These people’s tats were transformed from “ugh” to “AWESOME” thanks to some incredible artists that know if your ink is going to be there forever, it should be something you’re proud to show off.

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Eva Jospin’s Enchanting Forests Crafted Out of Cardboard


In an interesting juxtaposition, sculptor Eva Jospin creates enchanting forests from cardboard. The Paris-based artist cuts and gules cardboard to craft dense, multi-layered and highly detailed forests with stunning depth of field. Gazing into the trees can nearly make a viewer fear getting lost in the woods.

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Nature In Glass


Simone Crestani is a glass maker! He started blowing glass when he was 15 years old and immediately became very fond of it. He can say that he has two big passions so far in his life – glass and nature. Therefore, in his works he tries to combine both of them – he gives his sculptures natural shapes.

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Treebeard: Portraits Of My Friends With Plants Growing From Their Head


Cal Redback made these images to put part of his imagination in the portraits of his friends in common areas. His first idea was to make a double exposition as we used to see, but when he started to blend them on Photoshop, he realized that he could be a bit more creative and realistic. So after many hours (and a bit more) here they are.

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Five Friends Build “Icehenge” In The Middle Of A Frozen Lake


About four years ago, five friends thought it would be fun to try out some antique ice cutting equipment to see what it’ was like to be an ice harvester. Their experiments led to their “Icehenge” creation. This structure can be found on Rock Lake near the city of Lake Mills, Wisconsin. The gigantic pillars of ice weight around 140 kilograms (300 pounds) each and the pieces laying on them – 90 kilograms (200 pounds) each.

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