Friday , 23 February 2018


Most Incredible Face Paintings

Many of us didn’t really know that face painting was also considered as an art. In fact, many artists are out there with their amazing face paintings that are very well astonishing. If you’re someone who loves body paintings and arts, then these incredible face paintings based on a wide range of designs and themes are gonna truly impress you. …

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Most Astonishing Wall Art That Were Ever Seen On Streets

Wall paintings aren’t a new thing and had been there since the history of mankind. However, some wall art are extremely creative and the artists behind it need to be awarded. Amazing skills of such people had transformed these ugly walls into something that the internet is currently appreciating. Below are some of those astonishing wall art that are unique …

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Scientists Use Technology To Provide A New Look At Ancient Sculptures

Archaeologist Vincent Brinkmann (Vinzenz Brinkmann) and his team used x-rays to discover that some of the ancient Greek and Roman statues that they discovered used to be painted at one time. The statues weren’t dull like they are today, it turns out that they were covered in cheerful colors. Brinkmann and his team then created photos that show what the …

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Epic 3D Tattoos That Will Boggle Your Mind

Tattooing is not just drawing something on the skin. It’s a pure art that needs a lot of perfection and talent. Here are some of the best 3D tattoos you will ever see and i assure you these will boggle your mind. They are that real.

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