Saturday , 22 September 2018


Bizarre And Terrifying Statues In The World

Most of us have witnessed many beautiful sculptures that are indeed wonderful sights, haven’t you? But have you ever witnessed some terrifying statues that could make sh!t out of you? If you haven’t then check out these statues that are extremely odd but spooky too.

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Terrifying And Creepy Realistic Tattoos You Won’t Believe

Most people among us love getting tattooed on their body because they believe that human body is the best canvas for art. But there are people who get their body tattooed so bad that they end up living with a messed-up body for rest of their life. But the artists behind these creepy realistic tattoos are really talented. These artworks …

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Disney Princesses get Sin City treatment

Russian artist Andrew Tarusov removes the innocence and puts a Sin City spin on Disney Princesses. Whether you’re a Disney fan, a Sin City fan, or you just like cool sexy shit, this gallery should be right up your alley.

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