Delightful Paper Dioramas Showcase Iconic Cities Atop Famous Foods

In Bea Crespo and Andrea G. Portoles’ delightful “Brunchcity” series, paper dioramas form iconic skylines that pop out of foods for which major cities are famous. Crespo, an illustrator, created the charming drawings, selecting and sketching landmarks that represent each city. For example, the ruins of Athens’ Parthenon rises out of a dish of Greek yogurt, Cuba’s capital building and ...

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If You Give A Creative Person Paper, They Can Make Smth Like This

Artist Crystal Wagner creates intricate installations that sprawl across walls, floors, and ceilings. Her work contains organic shapes that make them look like strange algae or primitive deep sea creatures. With a background in printmaking, Wagner’s art pieces are combinations of two- and three-dimensional forms, full of pattern, color, and texture.

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Raising Our Forefathers From The Dead

Portrait of a Lady by Rogier van der Weyden Nicole Friedersdorf,a German costume designer aka DarkDirndl – specializes on the reconstruction of historic gowns and dresses – exactly as seen on paintings, sketches or for real in museums or exhibitions. In cooperation with Markus Gath, a quite talented and smart photographer, she started the Resurrection Project: reproducing gowns from paintings ...

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Artist Spent a Year in the Woods Creating Mysterious Sculptures

Deep in the woods of southern France, artist Spencer Byles transformed the forest into a mysterious wonderland through a series of spectacular, organic sculptures. Byles spent a year immersed in the woodlands of La Colle sur Loup, Villeneuve-Loubet, and Mougins for this ambitious project. Surrounded by flora and fauna, the sculptor used only cables and natural, found materials to create ...

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Making It Up – Beauty Series By Juan Sánchez Castillo

His wife loves miniature figures. She used to have whole doll houses filled with little figurines and furniture. And he really loves beauty and fashion photography. With their two hobbies combined, his collection of inspirational images became the beginning of this project.

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17-Year-Old Artist Creates Interactive Illustrations

17-year-old artist from Czech Republic Kristián Mensa throughout the years has realized that even the most ordinary things we use daily in our lives can be somehow unique. Using his drawing and illustration skills, he is always trying to make something new with those mundane things. Try to look around when on your way to school or work and you’ll ...

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Amazing ceramics

Ronit Baranga is a sculptor. In the following series of works, She sculpted human mouths and fingers emerging from tableware. The blurred border between the living and the still in these works is intriguing. It is fascinating. It is daunting.

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For this project Ben Hopper decided to work with circus artists and dancers for their physical appearance and capabilities.

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This Art Looks Like A Jumbled Mess…Until You Put A Mirror Next To It

Hungary-based artist István Orosz spends his days creating works of art unlike anything you’ve seen before. The artist draws and paints images that appear to have no meaning or missing parts. Yet his pieces completely change when you place a cylindrical mirror atop the artwork. Abstract images suddenly become stunning scenery…or something else entirely.

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