Saturday , 10 December 2016



2016 Movies That Received The Lowest Scores From Film Critics

The movies listed below have been named by different notable critics as being among the worst films ever made. 25. “Alice Through the Looking Glass” Metacritic score: 34/100 What a critic said: “I removed my eyeballs from my head as soon as I got back from ‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’ and cleaned them in a sink.” — 24. “Ice …

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You’ll Be Surprised When You Find Out How Old These Celebrities Are

Sooner or later father time catches up to everyone, except these celebrities. They just don’t seem to age. Gwen Stefani The co-founder and lead vocalist of No Doubt, mother of three, Gwen Stefani is now 47. Yes, she really is. Believe us. We checked. Salma Hayek Were you a little shocked by Gwen Stefani’s age? Well, you better be sitting …

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A Collection Of Rare Celebrity Photos That Will Fascinate You

You’ve probably seen quite a few celebrity photos in your day, but nothing quite like this. Mark Twain with his cats. Billy Dee Williams and Carrie Fisher on the set of The Empire Strikes Back. Michael Keaton with hair stylist Yolanda Toussieng and makeup artist Ve Neill on the set of Beetlejuice. Bruce Lee celebrating his 32nd birthday with Paul …

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Celebrities And The Babies That Look Exactly Like Them

Our Baby Looks Exactly Like Gordon Ramsay Friend’s Baby Looks Like Wallace Shawn My Friend’s Son Looks Like Jay-Z Zephra Looks Like Linda Hunt Charlie Looks Like Humpty Dumpty Usher And His Baby Twin Gavin Looks Like Mini-Me My Old College Roommate Had A Baby Recently. I’m Convinced He Looks Like Michael Cera So My Friend’s Baby Looks Like Gandalf …

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Old stars mashed up with their young characters

Ever wondered what stars would look like if they were to revisit some of their most iconic roles? The team over at DesignCrowd had a callout for celeb mashups, and they couldn’t have turned out any better. I apologize in advance for making you feel old, some of these movies are over 25 years old.

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Actors Who Can Pull Off Any Type Of Character

Whether it’s a serious character or a funny one, there’s no character these actors and actresses can’t pull off. Gary Oldman Dracula, True Romance, The Fifth Element, Interstate 60, Harry Potter Helena Bonham Carter Fight Club, Planet of the Apes, Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland, The King’s Speech Ian McKellen Richard III, Rasputin, David Copperfield, The Lord of the Rings, …

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Celebrity Couples From The 90s Who Are Still Together

Most people think that celebrity couples are doomed from the start, but these perfect pairs are proving that love really does exist in Hollywood. Can you believe it’s been two decades since Faith Hill and Tim McGraw tied the knot? It’s pretty rare in Hollywood for a couple to stay together for so long. In anticipation of their 20th wedding …

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Jackie Chan Says His Honorary Oscar Award Is A Dream

Jackie Chan has been making movies for 56 years, and in the process he’s broken 200 bones. Chan was honored at the Governors Awards in Los Angeles recently, and his “Rush Hour” co-star Chris Tucker presented him with an honorary Oscar award. Chan says that he first held an Oscar when he visited Sylvester Stallone’s house at 23 years old, …

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13 Hollywood Stunners That Are Naturally Beautiful

It doesn’t matter if they’re wearing makeup or not, because these gorgeous Hollywood stars were just born to be beautiful. Shakira Miley Cyrus Sofía Vergara Lady Gaga Gwen Stefani Jennifer Lopez Adele Lindsay Lohan Rihanna Reese Witherspoon Julia Roberts Tyra Banks Olivia Wilde

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