Sunday , 26 February 2017


Ryan Reynolds Pays Tribute To A Fallen Friend On Facebook

Ryan Reynolds has had a lot of luck as of late. “Deapool” was a huge success and many people went to go see the movie. But one of the first people to see it was Connor McGrath, a boy who was battling cancer. Ryan Reynold met Conor through the Make-A-Wish Foundation and they instantly became friends. Conor unfortunately passed away …

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Amazing Prince moments that remind us why he was so damn cool

Prince was loved and adored by all for his outrageous antics that made for very memorable stories. What better way to honor him than remembering some of these great characteristics that made him so brilliant? In his book “Mo’ Meta Blues,” Questlove recalls a time when he was invited to an after-hours roller-skating party with Prince, and had the time …

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John Travolta’s mansion is all kinds of ridiculous

The ‘Jett-Bleu’ estate, named after John Travolta’s children, is located in Central Florida, and it’s kind of badass. Not only does the 6,400 sq. foot abode boast a 16-car garage, a gym, a mini-golf course and a guest home, it also has airplane hangers. Yep. Plural. HANGARS. His house has more runways than driveways. Let that sink in. I mean, …

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‘The Jungle Book’ has a lot more to it than the bear necessities

If you’re like me, you’ve already seen the newest version of “The Jungle Book” and you’re planning the next trip to the theaters to watch it again. However, there’s a lot more to the story than a lot of people think. Here are some bits of info covering the whole gambit, from the origins of the story to the various …

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Remember Guns ‘N Roses? Let’s discuss them for a moment, shall we?

The largest selling single ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ was written in under 5 minutes. Despite its commercial success, Slash considers it the band’s worst song. The “Illusion” tour was music’s longest at the time, with 190+ dates stretching over three calendar years, which grossed around $57 million and included at least two riots. Among the tour’s openers? Soundgarden, Nine Inch …

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This poster shows exactly how tricky Hollywood is

A typical hollywood movie, a typical hollywood poster. One of the principle characters of the film showcasing their cool costume with a cool smoky background. Except that isn’t really the the actress. She isn’t really in costume, and that isn’t really the set. In fact it is the work of an extremely well done 3D model created by artist Per …

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