Friday , 23 February 2018


Pictures Of Celebrities Asking Other Celebrities For Their Autographs

Famous people are just like the rest of us, when they see other famous people that they admire they just can’t resist the urge to ask for an autograph. Elijah Wood gets an autograph from Turkish singer Selda Bağcan. Mick Jagger signs an autograph for Andy Warhol. A young Elvis Presley signs an autograph for Madonna. Eva Mendes gets an …

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19 Awesome Photos Of Famous People From Before They Were Famous

An interesting look at some of the world’s most famous stars before they hit it big. Milla Jovovich eating at a diner in the early stages of her modeling career. Steve Buscemi working as a New York City firefighter. Frank Sinatra after being arrested. Nicole Kidman promoting 1983 movie BMX Bandits. A young Kurt Cobain practicing guitar. Robin Williams in …

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Even celebs had their awkward prom phase

Jessica Alba Danielle Fishell and Lance Bass John Krasinski Matthew McConaughey Will Ferrell Britney Spears Tupac Shakur Jimmy Fallon Jennifer Aniston Taylor Lautner Lizzie Caplan Jon Hamm Lucy Hale Angelina Jolie Blake Lively Brad Pitt Sylvester Stallone Ellen DeGeneres John Stamos Barack Obama Taylor Swift

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Ryan Reynolds Pays Tribute To A Fallen Friend On Facebook

Ryan Reynolds has had a lot of luck as of late. “Deapool” was a huge success and many people went to go see the movie. But one of the first people to see it was Connor McGrath, a boy who was battling cancer. Ryan Reynold met Conor through the Make-A-Wish Foundation and they instantly became friends. Conor unfortunately passed away …

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