Friday , 21 September 2018


Celebrities Who Drastically Changed Their Look In 2015

These celebrities are looking a lot different compared to how they looked last year. Jake Gyllenhaal did two-a-days, seven days a week to get in fighting shape for Southpaw. The feat is even more inspiring when you consider that the actor lost 25 pounds for his role in Nightcrawler. Calvin Harris has really stepped up his game and as a …

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See What The Cast Of Ghostbusters Looks Like 31 Years Later

It’s been 31 years since the original “Ghostbusters” was released and the film is still more popular than ever. Harold Remis has unfortunately passed away but the rest of the cast is still alive and well. See how they look now. Bill Murray Dan Aykroyd Ernie Hudson Harold Ramis Annie Potts Rick Moranis William Atherton Sigourney Weaver

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Brad Pitt Helps To Rebuild Homes In New Orleans

It’s been ten years since Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans and destroyed many people’s homes. Bradd Pitt has been working hard to help rebuild destroyed homes in the area and after putting in a good amount of time, Pitt and his team have rebuilt 109 homes that were destroyed by Katrina.

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This Is What Disney Princes Would Look If They Were Real

Jirka Väätäinen is a Finnish artist from Melbourne and he recently reimagined some of Disney’s most famous princes. He took these iconic characters and made them look like real people. Prince Eric, The Little Mermaid Prince Charming, Cinderella Aladdin Prince Adam, Beauty and the Beast Tarzan Prince Phillip, Sleeping Beauty John Smith, Pocahontas Hercules

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Famous Musicians And The Stories Behind Their Stage Names

To make it in the music business you need to have a cool name. This is how some of the most successful musicians ever decided on their now famous stage names. Foo Fighters Their name comes from the phrase used for UFOs in WWII. Childish Gambino When Donald Glover entered his name in a Wu-Tang Clan name generator, Childish Gambino …

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