Thursday , 22 February 2018


Daniel Norris is a Millionaire MLB Player Who Lives in a Van

Daniel Norris is one of Major League Baseball’s top pitching prospects. At 21-years-old and with a 96 MPH fastball, Norris has a bright future. He is likely to make the Toronto Blue Jays roster at the end of spring training. Despite his signing bonus of more than $2 million, he prefers his humble roots. Choosing to forgo a luxurious lifestyle for …

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17 superhero actors who are even more amazing in real life

Chris Evans Stand up guy and the other half of Hollywood’s most charitable bromance, Chris Evans is pretty outspoken about using his celebrity for good. His recent Superbowl bet with Chris Pratt resulted in the pair visiting hospitals in full costume, and raising $27,000 for their cause. Chris Pratt Just when you thought you couldn’t love him anymore, you find …

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Interesting facts you probably didn’t know about Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan might be everyone’s favorite action star, but only a true fan would know some of these facts. Jackie’s real name is Chan Kong-Sang. Jackie got the first name Jackie while working as a construction worker in Canberra, Australia. As a classically trained vocalist, Jackie has released more than 20 albums in over five languages. He has also done …

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Harrison Ford Crash Landed On A Gold Course To Keep Others Safe

There has been a lot of information going around about Harrison Ford’s now infamous plane crash and some people may be wondering how he ended up at the Penmar Golf Course in Santa Monica. When Ford realized his engine had failed he had to make a quick decision on where he was going to land. He had to choose between …

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Chris Pratt And Chris Evans Are Real Life Heroes At The Children’s Hospital

Chris Pratt and Chris Evans don’t just play superheroes on the big screen, they’re heroes in real life too. These two pals recently stopped by the Seattle Children’s Hospital to spread some joy and inspiration to the patients there. Together the two have teamed up to raise more than $27,000 for the Seattle Children’s Hospital and the charity Christopher’s Haven.

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