Sunday , 25 September 2016



Comparing How Hollywood Thought Actors Would Age To How They Look Now

Hollywood tried their best to predict how these actors would look when they got older, let’s see if their predictions were correct. Dustin Hoffman Little Big Man (1970) Age 33 Dustin Hoffman Interview (2014) Age 78 Michael J. Fox Back to the Future Part II (1989) Age 28 Michael J. Fox Jimmy Kimmel Live (2015) Age 54 Christopher Lloyd Back …

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Pictures Of Celebrities Asking Other Celebrities For Their Autographs

Famous people are just like the rest of us, when they see other famous people that they admire they just can’t resist the urge to ask for an autograph. Elijah Wood gets an autograph from Turkish singer Selda Bağcan. Mick Jagger signs an autograph for Andy Warhol. A young Elvis Presley signs an autograph for Madonna. Eva Mendes gets an …

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