Wednesday , 23 August 2017


Friends Find Epic Collection in Buddy’s Basement After He Passes Away

When a man recently passed away unexpectedly, his close friends offered to lend the man’s family their help in cleaning out his house. What they didn’t realize is what a vast array of antiques their pal had amassed over the years. As they made their way into his basement they realized he had been collecting everything from sports memorabilia, advertising …

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The ‘Unwritten Rules’ of Society

There are some guidelines everyone in society should follow. That doesn’t mean they do. An AskReddit thread got down into the nitty-gritty of some of the basic unwritten rules for going about life. “Don’t assume waitstaff are flirting with you! They are paid to be nice.” – mokita_archetypes “Are you getting passed on the right? Yes? Cool, get the fuck …

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