Monday , 20 November 2017


Couples Sharing Then VS. Now Pics Proves The Power Of True Love

63 years later. 60 years later. 40 years later. Ten years later. 60 years later. 60 years later. 70 years later. 60 years later. 30 years later. 22 years later. 2 years later. 28 years later. 40 years later. 15 years later. 58 years later. 30 years later. 10 years later. 9 years later. 20 years later. 55 years later. …

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Truly Terrifying Halloween Pumpkins

Halloween just ended, but Halloween Pumpkins still got another couple of weeks of life! And then in a month you’ll see them slouching, wet and defeated, next to some porch and try to remember what exactly it all meant. But even though Halloween pumpkins are destined to die a smelly death, the memory of their frightening messages will live on …

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The Best Halloween Costumes In 2017

In case you wanted to know what everyone will likely be wearing out for Halloween this year, here’s the skinny. From Star Wars to Wonder Woman, these are the hot ticket items people will are grabbing according to Google’s annual “Frightgeist,” which tallies the most popular costumes both nationally and locally, based on people’s search tendencies.

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Why Uncles Are The Best Family Member

This uncle nailed his nephews first birthday gift. This uncle clearly plays favorites. This uncle made a Jaws-inspired crib for his 2-month-old nephew. Uncle Joe never loses his socks. This uncle told his niece that her cupcake smelled weird. Then he booped it into her face. When your uncle is clueless. This uncle took advantage of his niece learning how …

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Russian Soldiers Make Interesting WWII Discovery

While digging in the woods for whatever reason (presumably blitzed off their ass on vodka), some Russian soldiers came across an interesting find. Their shovels hit something metallic that wasn’t a rock. Upon further digging, they saw it was an old metal box. After prying the old rusted box open, it revealed a trove of personal items from a German …

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