Tuesday , 20 February 2018


Life Before The Internet

The internet was supposed to revolutionize our lives, and it has, to a point. It was supposed to make things easier and bring people around the globe closer together. Easier? Somewhat. Closer together? Yeah, not so much. Maybe it was too much too soon. Maybe people weren’t meant to wield so much digital power. Either way, it’s fun to look …

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Disability Is Nothing For A True Artist!

Mariusz Kedzierski Was Born Without Arms But Still Managed To Fulfill His Dream Of Drawing Realistic Paintings Along With Speech Therapy, Iris Grace’s, Who Has Autism, Parents Introduced Her To Painting, Which Is When They Discovered Her Amazing Talent Diagnosed With Autism At Age Three, Stephen Wiltshire Is Now Famous For Producing Highly Detailed Scenes After Just A Brief Glance …

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How To Lose Those Kilos Properly

The simple truth is that there’s just too much good food out there. Pizza, beer, burgers, hell, even McDonald’s is damn tasty. If only it were a little bit easier. Well, here are a handful of weight-loss tips that just might help you get on the right track. If anything, stay for the girls.

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Times Grandparents Made Life More Interesting

Some think the elderly lead a boring life, playing bingo all the time, but these people couldn’t be further from the truth. To crush the negative stereotypes about the senior citizens, Bored Panda has compiled a list of some of the funniest times grandparents surprised everyone around them. From creating a DIY butter dish to providing the birds with materials …

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Chinese Family Spends 6 Months Working Out, And Here Are Their Before-And-After Pics

Losing weight is as difficult mentally, as it’s demanding physically. To make shedding pounds easier, 32-year-old Chinese photographer Jesse has decided to take up the task together with his family. They supported each other during the 6-month transformation so well, the before-and-after photos look unbelievable. Everything started when Jesse’s mom made up her mind to temporarily move in with her …

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