Friday , 23 February 2018


Times Grandparents Made Life More Interesting

Some think the elderly lead a boring life, playing bingo all the time, but these people couldn’t be further from the truth. To crush the negative stereotypes about the senior citizens, Bored Panda has compiled a list of some of the funniest times grandparents surprised everyone around them. From creating a DIY butter dish to providing the birds with materials …

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Chinese Family Spends 6 Months Working Out, And Here Are Their Before-And-After Pics

Losing weight is as difficult mentally, as it’s demanding physically. To make shedding pounds easier, 32-year-old Chinese photographer Jesse has decided to take up the task together with his family. They supported each other during the 6-month transformation so well, the before-and-after photos look unbelievable. Everything started when Jesse’s mom made up her mind to temporarily move in with her …

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Vintage Eminem Tearing Celebs Apart

This is a man who does not give a fuck. Just check out any of his songs “Just don’t give a fuck” or “Still don’t give a fuck”! There was a time where Eminem did not give a shit if you were adored by the public, recently deceased, disabled, or the nicest person in the world- if he could find …

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A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

This stray cat was hit by a car, and doctors performed surgery. She recovered fully, and one of the surgeons adopted her straight from the clinic. A nurse from the NICU left this informative note for the parents of a baby. The beginning and the end sometimes look the same. “Despite an accident that almost took my life, last weekend …

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Eccentric Neighbor Dresses Up Their Cool Manatee Mailbox In Funny Costumes

It really pays to have an eccentric neighbor, the kind of might see in a family-friendly sitcom from the 90’s. You know– always coming up with wacky schemes, tooling around with inventions in the garage, giving you life lessons while dressed in combat fatigues. In real life however, your neighbors aren’t that cool. The most eccentric thing they do is …

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