Monday , 20 November 2017


Crazy And Brilliant Craigslist Ads

I think I’ve only been on Craigslist once in my life, but I got scared and had to shut my computer down and go sit in a dark room and wonder about the meaning of life and whether or not certain people should have access to the internet. It’s a scary place. Case in point. Some of the ads are …

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These Restaurants Went Too Far With Food Serving

The whole hipster concept has become so popular these days, even restaurants are trying to do it. Unfortunately, being hipster isn’t that easy and just one thing gone wrong can make you easily go from hipster to complete disaster. Below, Bored Panda has put together a list of hipster restaurants that went way too far with food serving. From serving …

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Tattoo Artist Proposes To His GF With Adorable Ink On His Leg

Tattoo artist Vinny Capaldo-Smith came up with the best way to propose to his girlfriend Brooke He gave her the tattoo machine and asked her to tattoo his leg… But when he rolled up his shorts, this is what she found! Much to his relief, his girlfriend ticked “yes” Needless to say, Brooke was over the moon Watch the full …

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SH!t Happens When You Leave Your Kids Alone

Feared The Worst When My Marine-Turned-Cop Neighbor Called Me Saying “Come Quick….My Kids….Theres B*Inaudible* Everywhere… Wifes Gone…” The Young Artist Have Kids They Said, It’ll Be Fun, They Said… That Innocent Smile 2 Kids And 4 Gallons Of Paint Later… Painting With Acrylic Paints,left For A Minute To Help Son In Washroom.returned To This No One Knew Where My Cousin …

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