Animalplanters Turn Your Flower Pots Into Cute Animals

Stella Melgrati presents you her little critters the “Animal Planter”, a bunch of hand made felted vases to add a bit of cuteness to your space. A little sleepy sweet cat, a cute puppy, a lovely octopus or a happy chick with its little nest can be perfect for mini succulents and little air plants. Why not to hide something ...

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Impressive Ways To Use Mason Jars That Doesn’t Involve Canning Food

Typically used for canning and preserving foods, mason jars have grown in popularity and are now used for everything from serving drinks to cooking desserts. They’re fun and unique containers, but what happens when you run out of things to do with the extra mason jars you got in that bulk order? Well after you see this list, you’ll realize ...

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Pet Oncologist Creates Lamps With Animal X-Rays

A veterninary oncology technician in LA who goes by Spike Vain uses her spare time (when she isn’t saving animals’ lives) to make beautiful and creepy lampshades out of the animal x-ray radiograms taken of some of her animal patients. Besides working as an artist and as an animal lifesaver, Vain herself is also a work of art – she ...

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Movie-Inspired Cupcakes By DreamWorks Animator

Past a certain point, food art becomes so beautiful that you become unsure if you’d actually eat and ruin something so beautiful. Fernanda Abarca, an incredibly talented animator for DreamWorks who also creates realistic cakes, cupcakes and sugar sculptures, passed that point ages ago. Her detailed edible sculptures and cake toppers bring characters from popular animated movies to life. Given ...

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Don’t Throw Away Unused Plastic Spoons, You Can Recycle Them In These

If I’ve learned anything from the world of upcycling, it’s that everything has an alternative, creative use. Did you think plastic spoons could only be used for big events and summer barbecues? Well think again. Plastic spoons can be glued together, melted, and painted to make gorgeous art projects. Check out these cool ideas below, and get crafting. Pineapple lamp ...

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Instantly Make Your Home Classier With These 12 DIY Upcycling Ideas

When you think of essential home furniture, a couch, a coffee table, or a bookcase might come to mind. You probably don’t think of a bar cart as a necessity, but they’re a fun way to add some extra spice to your home. Great for entertaining, they inspire thoughts of black-and-white movies and Hollywood starlets sipping martinis. But before you ...

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Absolutely Bizarre (But Comfortable) Body Pillows

Body pillows are one of the most comfortable things you can own, but comfort doesn’t have to mean boring. Instead of snuggling up to the same old, plain options you find in the aisles at Target, take a spin with one of these bad boys. These pillows range from super adorable to…actually, pretty darn creepy. But hey, we aren’t here ...

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What You Can Do With Some Bricks And $50 Will Make Your Neighbors Jealous

Now that spring is here, it’s time to start thinking about all the fun outdoor activities that come with the arrival of warmer weather. That means backyard parties, barbecues, and hanging out by the fire pit. But if you find that your backyard is lacking some essentials for fun, warm-weather cookouts, then you’ll definitely want to check out this cheap ...

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The Transformation of An Old Kitchen Table Into A Monopoly Board

Being in between jobs, I decided I needed a project. I usually work with acrylic on canvas. Looking around my apartment, I found that I had neither to work with and couldn’t afford to get more. Spotting my kitchen table, I decided that this was as good a blank canvas as any. I haven’t worked with wood too much, but ...

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Spring Cleaning Is Annoying – But Not With These 20 Organization Hacks

Even though temperatures across the country are still quite frigid, spring is technically here. Which means it’s almost time to pack away your parkas and sweaters and bust out your t-shirts and shorts! Since your wardrobe will change with the weather, why not start spring cleaning with the closet this year? Check out the 20 tips below for saving space ...

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Farmer Dad And His Son Build Transformers From Scrap Metal

A father-and-son team in southeastern China have started creating enormous recycled Transformer robot sculptures from scrap car parts that they’ve been selling for more than 1 million yuan (more than $160,000) a year. The Transformers franchise is hugely successful in China, so Yu Zhilin, who is a farmer but has a background in fine arts, decided to start creating robot ...

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He Turned A Tin Can And Some Aluminum Foil Into The Perfect Springtime

Let’s say you want to take advantage of the non-disgusting weather and do a little backyard barbecuing this spring. Only problem is, you don’t have a grill. All you’ll need to do is go into your apartment, gather up some junk and follow these six extremely simple steps: What you’ll need to make your own DIY BBQ grill: A tin ...

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Cool Garden Shed Designs That You Will Love

If you want an addition to your garden that increases its beauty by many folds then you probably need to get a garden shed. Regarding how you are going to design and utilize it, take a look at the ideas below: A Cozy Reading Nook Garden Shed A Sweet Garden Shed with a Small Living Room A Garden Shed That ...

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Organizational Tips To Get Rid Of Clutter.

These 19 magazine rack organization ideas look super simple and they all use one relatively common household item… a magazine holder. Make this super easy magazine holder table using 4 holders and a drum seat stand. DIY mail organization station. Organize all your flip-flops. Organize your clutches. Organize cords. Up-cycle a shelf for items that create clutter on your tabletops ...

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