He Dug Up These Huge Cement Pipes, And What He Did With Them Is…Wow

When you need some extra room to store items, what do you do? Well, if you’re like most people, you sell or throw out stuff (spring cleaning!), rent a warehouse unit, or build more storage space. But this guy isn’t most people. And his storage unit isn’t like most storage units. See it for yourself… First, he acquired these giant ...

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‘Analog Memory Desk’

MCAD student Kirsten Camara is obsessed with how we remember the past, so she created a table that has a kilometer of blank paper to record everything you need. When the desktop is covered in notes, scribbles and drawings, you just turn the handles and voilà – you have a blank analog tabletop again! The desk is not available for ...

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Urban Treehouse Uses 150 Trees To Protect Residents From Noise

Luciano Pia, an architect in Italy, has a beautiful vision for how people and nature can live together even in a thoroughly urban landscape. 25 Verde, an apartment complex he designed in Turin, Italy, is a woven 5-story mix of lush trees and steel girders that let urban residents feel like they live in a giant urban tree-house. he ponds ...

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This Kitchen Island Is Also A Giant Aquarium

Robert Kolenik, a Dutch designer who focuses on high-end sustainable design, has created a stunning kitchen counter-top that has a beautiful large aquarium for a base. In reality, the ‘Ocean Keuken’ is actually shaped like a large ‘L’ – the storage compartment inside the counter is hidden with mirrors to make the aquarium seem larger than it is. What’s more, ...

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What People Did With Super-Cheap Tape Is Incredible, You’ll Be Impressed

There are countless easy ways to make a room more interesting: it could be a change in furniture, a new paint job, or something more labor-intensive. But if you prefer a simple (and cheaper) solution over a more complex (and expensive) one, Washi Tape is just what you need. You can create amazing designs on any surface, transforming a room ...

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Is that the entrance or a black hole to another dimension? Norwegian cabin offers breathtaking Bergen views… but you have to crawl through an otherworldly tunnel to reach it

Perched atop Norway’s snowy Seven Mountains sits the stunning Tubakuba cabin. But the off-the-grid property, made of glass and wood, isn’t just known for it’s sweeping views of the city of Bergen below. In order to reach the small architectural marvel, guests are required to crawl through its tunnel-like entryway, which remarkably resembles an otherworldly black hole. High above the ...

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These DIY Shelves Are Brilliant

When we were kids, our rooms were bright, fun, and inviting. As adults, our homes are comfortable, soothing, and toned down. What happened to all that color and life? Just because we’re grown up, doesn’t mean we can’t still express ourselves.

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This Camping Accessory Is The Best Invention Ever

When you’re out camping, roughin’ it in the woods, sometimes you crave a little luxury. Luckily, The Original Nomad, a company specializing in outdoor products, has come up with a pretty awesome item that will make your camping trips 100x better. The Nomad’s Collapsible Tub is a hot tub you can take with you anywhere you go. It can easily ...

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