Thursday , 8 December 2016



The Perfect Chair To Ensure You Don’t Fall Asleep At Work

All of us have faced it. The slight weight gain due to a sedentary job, the back ache from sitting too long on office chairs, the inevitable post-lunch shut-eye when you’re sitting on your cushioned recliner – sitting down for too long is bad for our health. Period. French designer Benoit Malta believes he has the answer – Inactivité.

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This Guy Turned A Van Into An Apartment And Is Traveling Around Europe

When 26-year-old systems engineer Mike Hudson got tired of living a less-than-exciting life in the United Kingdom, he decided to seriously mix things up. He bought a van, converted it into an apartment, began traveling around Europe, and started a website, Van Dog Traveller, to document his journeys. Hudson refurbished the whole thing to make it any road tripper’s dream.

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This Little Girl’s Dad Made Her A Bed Frame Fit For A Princess

Many little girls (and some little boys) dream of living in a pink princess castle. One woodcrafting, handy dad made his daughter’s dream come true by building her the coolest bed frame ever. Complete with tall towers, a lofted mattress, and a secret compartment for toys and books, even most adults would be seriously jealous of this kid’s setup. Check …

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These Charmingly Complicated Light Switch Plates Could Brighten Any Ro

If your light switches have been looking a little boring lately, may we suggest these decorative switch plates from Green Tree Jewelry. Your light switch still operates as normal, but the physical act of switching sets off a series of gears, levels, toggles and fulcrums that make turning on a light seem suddenly much more complex than simply flicking a …

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20+ Of The Most Creative PillowzZZ

Naps are pretty much the best thing in the world ever, and if you wanna optimize the quality of your naps, you’ve absolutely got to have a pillow. And as long as you’re getting a pillow, you might as well get one of the most creative and awesome pillows out there.

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Man deals with the loss of his dog by starting a new hobby

When Reddit user CrackerCortex’s dog passed away, he was devastated to say the least. So to take his mind off of the pain he looked to the outdoors, specifically his backyard, to find a new outlet for his time. He decided to build a concrete koi pond in his backyard almost entirely by himself. But what started out as a …

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How To Make Maorik Knives

The Maori people of New Zealand have a very rich history in the country. Above all they are great survivors and today you’re going to learn how to make knives the way they do.

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Don’t Throw Old Records Out! Here Are 15 Ways To Recycle Vintage Vinyl.

Vinyl records have long been considered “old media.” There are a lot of reasons vinyl records moved out of the mainstream in the 90s, from the rise of the CD and digital recording to their easily damageable build. But despite the rise of CDs, MP3s, and digital streaming services, many people have kept their old records, or have even continued …

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One Man Built A Custom, Shark-Themed Crib For His Little Nephew

Reginella made this crazy crib so it would look as if the baby was getting swallowed by Jaws. When a new baby is born, everyone gets excited. Friends and family often want to help out the parents. Most family members would do anything they can to make sure the parents and their child are as comfortable as possible. Some give gifts …

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