Sunday , 25 February 2018


Awesome Things that Look So Damn Impressive

They look so amazing that you will keep wondering how these awesome things would have been done. From amazing stunts to arts to stunning clicks and crafts, this list is full of impressive things you would have never seen before.

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The Most Awesome Workspaces

Often we all hate our office desk just because it looks too boring. Looking into that desk itself can make us tired without having to work a bit. However, if you convert that boring desk into some awesome workspaces like these, then I guarantee you that you’ll wish your work have never completed.

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Guy transforms his old car into Mario Kart racer

Imgur user EWW3 shared his transformation project on his 1989 Mercury Tracer. He took his old beat up car and turned it into a racer ready for Rainbow Road. Starting with the stripes, he put down a little painters tape. Some candy apple red to splash on top of the white. Some coin shaped hubcaps. The proud family surveying their …

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