Monday , 15 October 2018


The Cutest Dog With An Overbite

Tuna the chiweenie won’t win any beauty pageants, but the quirky-looking dog will melt your heart. Just ask the pooch’s 46,000 Instagram fans, who happily heart photos of Tuna showing off his adorably crooked grin by the thousands.

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Angora Rabbit Is A Real Nature’s Cotton Ball

Along with the Angora cat and the Angora goat, these three animals are responsible for that Angora wool ugly Christmas sweater that your aunt bought you last year and you ‘pretend’ to have lost. In the early 18th century, when sightseeing sailors pulled into the Angora port, they found the shawls that the native women were wearing, to be incredibly …

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Stray Cat Brings Her Babies to Father And Son Who Gave Her Food

What seemed like an ordinary father and son’s camping trip took a cute turn when a stray cat came to their camp. The guys quickly made friends with the feline but weren’t really prepared for a starving visitor, so they improvised and caught a bluegill for a cat to feast on. But then… the cat just vanished. Until the next …

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