Wednesday , 25 April 2018


People Who Used Their DIY Powers For Evil

When you have a sh*t ton of time on your hands or you’re broke AF and you want to get creative, DIY (do it yourself) projects are always the way to go. DIY’s can be extremely helpful when it comes to certain things such as Halloween costumes, expensive accessories you can make yourself, or – just anything extremely overpriced. But, …

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His Boss Used Same Paper Bag Everyday, So Employee Did Something Awesome

After seeing his boss use the same old paper bag to carry his things everyday, an employee took matters into his own hands, literally. “My boss, Bob, is one of the most humble, honest, and honorable people I’ll probably ever meet. Today is his 78th birthday, and still works harder than any of us, 6 days a week.” He continues, …

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Dad Builds Insane Playhouse For His Daughters

A dad pulled out all the stops on this gorgeous, built-from-scratch playhouse for his daughters. The size and detail of this thing is insane. Adam Boyd, the president of construction company ATB Building Inc., erected the two-story playhouse in their backyard. The 24-foot tall house has a slide, swings, and even a rock wall. This reminds me of my own …

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