Saturday , 25 November 2017


Wwho Gets The Money When You Die

This article meant to be both entertaining and enlightening. But there is an element of seriousness herein as well as a tremendous opportunity to help out your family and your favorite charity…

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Bullsh*t “facts” we were taught as kids

Myth: Christopher Columbus discovered America Truth: Columbus never made it norther of Central America. There are two “truths” to this though. One, no one discovered it damnit, people were already living here. The other is it was actually a Viking bad ass name Leif Erikson who discovered America 500 years before Columbus sailed the ocean blue. Myth: There are 9 …

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Facts That Sound Fake But We Googled Them And They Aren’t

What’s fact and what’s fiction? Mostly the way we can tell is by Google. These facts sound they have to be fake at first, but do the research: they’re super for real. And Google agrees with us. So just to be safe, next time you hear a fact and you think it sounds like crap — just believe it anyway. …

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Interesting Historical Facts

Daniel Steibelt, a top pianist in his own right, challenged his contemporary Beethoven to a musical improv duel. Steibelt did believe he had a shot; he was no kid, and had already composed for Marie Antoinette and operatized a successful version of Romeo and Juliet. He showed up to the improv and played one of his own works, for which …

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Royally interesting facts about the late Princess Diana

She was already a noble. Royals generally don’t marry commoners—Prince William and Kate Middleton excepted. Before she was Princess Diana, she was Lady Diana Spencer, as her father inherited the title of Earl Spencer when she was 14. She was homeschooled for most of her childhood. She was then shipped off to boarding school: Riddlesworth Hall School and West Heath …

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Ex-gang Members React to Seeing Themselves Without Tattoos

These ex-gang members left their lives of violence and crime behind them, but parts of their past are unshakeable. Most prominently, the gang and prison tattoos covering much of their bodies, including their faces. Photographer Steven Burton took photos of the fully-inked men as they are. He then used photoshop to depict how they would look if they never fell …

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