Friday , 24 November 2017


Amazing Facts About K9 Dogs

There is something so undeniably cute about a dog in uniform. I’m serious. It could be a seriously intense dog, chasing after me because it thinks that I’ve got some weed hiding on my person, and instead of running, I think I’d just try to pet the guy. What can I say? I love dogs. Sure I’d end up in …

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The Ultimate Unsolved Mystery Of Women’s Bodies

Nature’s ultimate mystery isn’t the Bermuda Triangle or the singing sand dunes, it’s the female body. I’ve done as much experimenting and researching as the fairer sex would allow me and I am still pleasantly puzzled from time to time. These people, however, definitely need a refresher course on the female anatomy. “I tried to schedule a c section because …

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Interesting Facts About Nikola Tesla

Nikolas Tesla remains one of the world’s most influential inventors and scientists, long after his death. As incredible as his work was, it is, perhaps, his unusual eccentricities that led to his fame more than anything. Here are just a few of the enigmatic inventors unusual quirks. Nikola Tesla was born during a lightning storm, July 9, 1856. Could this …

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Facts About Flying

When you think about how many people are jetting all over the country for business, pleasure or whatever, it’s pretty mind boggling. And while we’re always thinking about what that means for us from a travel/customs/packing perspective, imagine the infrastructure that it takes to get people from one end of the country to the other, and across the world. These …

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Chances of Dying Unnaturally

All your life there have been people telling you to get off your rump and go live it to the fullest. Well, that’s easy for them to say. There is a lot of scary shit out there. I mean, at least you’ll live a long, albeit somewhat boring and sad life, in your mother’s basement—locked away from unnatural dangers. Next …

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