Monday , 26 September 2016



A Few People That Totally Nailed It

We laugh whenever we see someone hilariously fail at something and that’s the good reason why half of the internet is filled with fail videos and pictures. But you should also be knowing that there are people who apart from failing miserably in doing things, they also had totally nailed it. If you ever fail at something, then just think …

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Food Lovers Will Appreciate These People Overloaded With Food

Eating food is one among the basic need of human being and we all do that part pretty deliciously. But sometimes we all have this tendency going under our stomach when we are really hungry and that often makes us feel to be immersed in a lot of food that we love. However, if you’ve never seen someone go on …

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Science says, “Just do it!”

For years athletes supposedly abstained from sex before big events because it was thought to impair their performance—particularly for men. With current Olympians apparently bumping nasties at record pace, we wondered if there is any truth to this myth. Where does this superstition come from? Originally it was believed a man’s vigor was contained in his sperm. Could a man’s …

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