Thursday , 8 December 2016



These People Took The Human Stupidity To A Whole New Level

These People Took The Human Stupidity To A Whole New Level Unfortunately, the world is a place where every kind of people are living together and that includes me, you and these stupid people too. If you never know how far can someone take their level of human stupidity, then it’s time for you to go through these pictures. And …

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Genius Or Stupid: You Be The Judge

There are tons of inventions on earth that are brilliant and amazing but are not commonly available everywhere. Although these inventions in this gallery are true symbol of human brilliance, whether they are genius or stupid but for some reasons they all are rarely seen around us. No matter how scarce these products in the world are, our heart pounds …

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12 Before And After Pictures That Are Absolutely Crazy

Prepare to be shocked by these crazy before and after photos. Before and after partying super hard: Zombie Boy before full body makeup application/tattoo coverup and after: President Lincoln, before and after the Civil War. Tom Cruise before and after teeth straightening: Pin-Up Model before and after painting: Before and after tattoo cover-up: Before and after pupper grows up: “Life …

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Burger King trolls McDonalds with spooky costume

Leave it to a Burger King in Queens, NY to display the best Halloween costume a fast-food chain has ever worn. The fast food restaurant draped a huge white sheet over the exterior of the building with the word McDonald’s spray painted on top. Add a few eyes and you have yourself a certified flame grilled ghost. The trick of …

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Revive Your Childhood Days With These Nostalgic School Stuff

Although our school days were long gone and we’re now busy with our daily life, one thing we all know is that school days can never be forgotten. Don’t you all agree that we had our best days back then? Don’t you want to revive those good old days? These pictures showing nostalgic school stuff can surely bring back those …

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