Tuesday , 20 February 2018


Crazy Hookup Calls

I’ve been out of the dating game for quite some time now, so stories like this remind me that I did the right thing and settled down. This shit is insane. This guy here, has the chance for a hookup, but luckily enough remembers that he promised his buddy some help. I’d buy that friend all the beer in the …

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Now This Is A Funny Way To Document Your Labrador’s Growth

“Axl, about 5 days after we took him home (7.5 weeks). His full name is Axl Riley, Axl was born on 9/11 so his middle name is in tribute to one of the many rescue dogs that worked at ground zero” “He always followed me into the bathroom. Here he is at 8.5 weeks” “9 & 1/2 weeks (The puppy, …

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Grab Onto These Secrets Of Airline Baggage Handlers

Do you ever wonder what happens to your suitcase, once it leaves your sight at the airport? Is it lonely? Will it meet anyone friendly before it gets on the plane and finds its way back to you? Well… yes and no. Baggage handlers are the backbone of a successful airport. They’re the ones that make sure that all the …

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It’s Time To Admit The World Isn’t Perfect

Look, despite our best intentions at making everything work right and be functional and peachy there’s just no denying this blue ball in space isn’t perfect. I know, I know. It sounds like a bummer. But we’re aiming for realism, not pessimism. The sooner you can admit the world isn’t perfect, the sooner you can laugh at all the entertaining …

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Pet Peeves That Might Be The Final Straw For Me Going Insane

They say ‘pet peeves’ like it’s something cute and innocent, when in reality they just pile up day by day until you’re trapped in a pile of tiny annoyances. I don’t know about you but sometimes I sit down to use the bathroom and see the toilet paper orientation is off and it suddenly seems like a good idea to …

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