Sunday , 18 February 2018


Work Shenanigans Might be the Best Shenanigans

Nobody is mistake-proof in their life and as humans, we are vulnerable to making mistakes. If you’re prone to making little mistakes in your everyday life and even in your workplace, then the reason is the same that’s mentioned above. Apart from accidental work fails, we even create some funny job lols that give us relief in between our stressful …

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Hilarious Examples of Expectation vs Reality

Often we all screw-up things in reality although it was perfect in our expectation. And the reality is sometimes cruel enough to slap you in the face when you expect more from your life. These are some horrible but hilarious examples of expectation vs reality that fate sometimes has to offer us. Live your life according to it and always …

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Awkward But Awesome Family Photo Recreations

If you’ve got some cool looking childhood family photographs, then the best way to revive your memory is by making some awesome photo recreations like these. People on the internet are currently making such stuff by adding some of their creativity. Making such family photo recreations can not only make you revive your good old days but also will help …

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I want it, but do I need it?

Ever found yourself wanting to have that awesome thing you just saw somewhere? It is a common feeling that we all human get when seeing some cool and awesome things somewhere or even on the internet. This ‘Want’ feel inside us is the reason why we have all those costly stuff lying on every corner which we bought with so …

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