Wednesday , 22 November 2017


The “Dadbag” Gives You the Dad Bod That You’ve Always Wanted

The dad bod craze has hit our society hard. A couple months ago we not only told you that girls are enamored with the look on guys, but women are trying to adopt the look for themselves. One guy wanted to mimic the look for guys that don’t necessarily have the perfectly sculpted dad bod so he created the DadBag–basically …

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Jokes For Those About To Make A Bad Decision

Of all the decision you make in a day, probably like 99% are good. A bad decision is rare. Which is why you are allowed to do one every now and then, and maybe even feel good about it. Well, using that logic you might as well say sometimes a bad decision is actually a good decision! If this all …

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Nobody takes better fan pics than Elijah Wood

How cool is Frodo for being such a sport when it comes to taking photos with fans? It’s too bad all celebrities can’t be like him. I’m calling it right now, if a Rick & Morty get a live action movie he will be playing Morty.

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