Friday , 23 February 2018


Eccentric Neighbor Dresses Up Their Cool Manatee Mailbox In Funny Costumes

It really pays to have an eccentric neighbor, the kind of might see in a family-friendly sitcom from the 90’s. You know– always coming up with wacky schemes, tooling around with inventions in the garage, giving you life lessons while dressed in combat fatigues. In real life however, your neighbors aren’t that cool. The most eccentric thing they do is …

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Test Cheaters That Probably Just Deserve An A For Effort

If you weren’t part of the test cheaters, you probably hated them. They got the grades with none of the effort! Sure, that’s usually the case with test cheaters. But the people on this list really went above and beyond. Their cheating probably took more time and effort than it would have been to just study. And for that, don’t …

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Kids Who Were Clearly Left Alone With A Funny Dad

There’s nothing better than a funny dad. Dad gets a bad rap as being lazy, but really he’s just creative with the time he spends. Why can’t bath time be a chance to make your baby look like Elvis for funny pics? Why not combine babysitting with playing videogames? These are exactly the kind of innovations Dad excels at.

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Shakespeare Was The King Of Sick Burns

Is that a dick joke? The Taming of the Shrew Henry IV Part I Titus Andronicus I see Shakespeare was an online gamer. King Lear The Comedy of Errors Obviously talking about your mom. Titus Andronicus All’s Well That Ends Well As You Like It As You Like It Timon of Athens I think the kids would follow this with …

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