Thursday , 30 March 2017


Funniest Faces From All Over The Internet

Faces are so powerful that it can make lots of expressions according to the emotions that one have. However some faces are so funny that it readily gets online. Here are some such funniest faces on the internet that will make you LOL.

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These Hilarious Pictures Seems Totally Legit

Sometimes it’s just better for us to agree with people to their stupidity and move on. Because the job is riskier if you try to make them understand the fact. Here are some funniest pictures on the internet showing how these people are trying hard making others believe that they are totally legit. Either you agree with them and move …

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Dirty Humor And Jokes That Will Make Your Day

Sometimes all we need is to forget everything and enjoy the present moment with some good laugh. If you’re looking to turn any such bad mood to be a pleasant one, then these dirty jokes and humor will help you with that job. As of now just forget about the world and step into these dirty humor stream and get …

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People With Worst Duckfaces On The Internet

These people have a wrong feeling that they look really pretty when getting their duckface selfies. In reality, they’re in their worst form when pretending like this to be cute/pretty. In fact, the internet is now filled with such duckfaces that only they themselves will love. Anyway, here’s a gallery filled with worst duckfaces of people that have got hit …

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Unhappy Birthdays

There’s a lot of pressure for birthdays to be special and define the entire year, so if they’re going to suck they might as well suck spectacularly.

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