Thursday , 23 February 2017


Worst Act Of Human Stupidity That Will Make You LOL

Have you ever thought why stupid people exists on our beautiful and perfect planet earth? I have, and I even have found the logical reason for that. The laughter would be wiped out from our planet if these people would have never existed. Just think for a moment, what would you be laughing for, if no such people existed? So …

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Men And Women Will Never Be The Same

Although men and women always try to force the other sex to behave as they behave themselves, we are still very different. And if only that meant physical differences… Reaction when a friend gets in a relationship Desktop Fridge Bedroom Car Bathroom The main room in the house Common cold Why we watch Titanic Tell a story

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DGAF I Do What I Want

We all love to live our life our way, don’t we? However, many of us stay away from it as some laws and rules don’t allow us to do so. But there are people who live with fire inside them to break such rules that keep them away from enjoying what they love. Moreover, there are also other crazy people …

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Woman Creates Comics To Document Everyday Life With Her Boyfriend

Catana, a Saratoga Springs-based artist likes to document life with hear bearded boyfriend by turning their adventures into comics. Catana’s comics are funny and relatable and people seem to love them. Shortly after her boyfriend posted them only they went viral, and they have since been viewed a million times.

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Funny Signboards On Earth That Are Hilarious Enough To Make You Laugh

Funny Signboards On Earth That Are Hilarious Enough To Make You Laugh Have you ever asked yourselves why there are so many unwanted, weird and crazy signboards all over the streets? If you’re wondering the real purpose of such funny signboards, then I’ve just realized one reason for that. Every signboard is made for publicity and publicity comes only through …

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