Vibrant Life Of 1970s Harlem In Street Photos By Jack Garofalo

The 1970s had a unique vitality and aesthetic imprint unlike any other decade before or since. Jack Garofalo (1923-2004), an accomplished street photographer for Paris Match magazine, spent the summer of 1970 documenting the vibrant life of Harlem, a neighborhood that was undergoing an existential crisis at the time. Harlem in the 1970s was undergoing an exodus, as anyone who ...

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11 Brides Who Gave Their Wedding Dresses Mind-Blowing Makeovers

Because your wedding dress is way too beautiful to wear just once Sherry dyed her dress using an at-home kit. Karyn replaced the ivory sash on her gown with a hot pink bow and beadwork. Christina D. paired the tulle skirt of her gown with a casual chambray shirt for her wedding anniversary photo shoot. Starla splatter-painted her dress for ...

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Wacky inventions from the old days

Motorbike powered boat. The Dimple Maker The flying bicycle Robot answering machine The Japanese “war tuba” was used to located enemy aircraft by sound prior to the invention of radar. The 1961 Buick “Flamingo” with a rotating front seat. One of the first bullet proof vests. The lay-down side car. The Viophonograph. The poker face mask. Whatever this is. An ...

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Before you stay in a hotel again, you should listen up

Take it from somebody who has actually worked in hotels, all of these facts are true. Although some of these may be a bit gross, have no fear. There are simple tricks to help you make your next stay in a hotel great. To start things off, if you want a cheaper rate, don’t go through the third party websites ...

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Quirky Business Cards That Offer Unique Insight On Celebrities

From secret codes to Lego men, these business cards offer an interesting insight into the lives of household names. Steve Martin, Comedian Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook Andy Warhol, Artist Houdini, Magician Steve Wozniak, Apple Will Wright, Founder of Maxis Will Wright, original designer of The Sims, stamps his details on the currency of countries that no longer exist. This ...

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