Thursday , 29 September 2016



Funny Pictures That Prove You’ve Dirty Mind!

Do you think, you are innocent? you’re wrong! These photos prove that you have a dirty mind. Actually, these are the circumstances take us that point. Individuals love having their photographs taken, whether by another person or through selfies. Everybody appears to feel like a genuine expert, sure to transfer their photos to social media sites in seconds of being …

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Funny Memes That Will Make You Laugh

All of us find ways to get more fun and often people do crazy things. This urged us to collect memes to make you smile that is so hilarious, you will hurt laughing. Roar with laughter and enjoy watching these astonishing funny memes of people and animals with their most funny moments. Enjoy watching these funny memes and keep smiling …

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People Doing Crazy And Stupid Things

We are presenting you a collection of some truly crazy photos of people you would have never seen. Truly, some people do crazy and stupid things; how can someone be able to feel great by getting themselves in such a stupid postures.

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Lesser-known discounts at some of the most popular restaurant chains

Because who doesn’t love free (or heavily discounted) food, right? Chili’s $5 margaritas on Thursdays. They have different types on discount depending on the day or location, so call ahead.   If you sign up for their Rewards program, you get points every time you eat there, and then you can redeem those points for food. Go on your birthday …

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People Who Took White Trash Marriage Proposals To The Extreme

Marriage proposals are supposed to be memorable and romantic and these marriage proposals are definitely memorable, but for all the wrong reasons. Did he do this, or did he say “Write my proposal” on the pizza ordering form’s “Special Instructions” field? Is a department store with fluorescent lights the best place to propose? Maybe it was… Even if the idea …

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