Thursday , 23 November 2017


High School VS. College

High school and college can be two completely different beasts. College is where you start to get the freedom you never had away from your parents. You can stay out all night and eat all the pizza you want. BUT that 8am class will always be there to get you in the morning.

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The last things ever released on now dead media formats

Last movie released on Betamax: Mission: Impossible (1996) Last movie released on VHS: A History of Violence (2006) Last Laserdisc: Fittingly, the Arnold Schwarzenegger thriller End of Days. Last HD DVD: After Blu-ray emerged as the victor of the brief, next-gen DVD war in the mid-2000s, Toshiba discontinued the format. The very last HD DVD movie available was Quentin Tarantino’s …

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