Friday , 9 December 2016



Funniest Internet Memes That Are True In All Sense

How often do you all go through those funny memes on the internet? Or are you one among those who’re not that into internet memes? If you haven’t been addicted to reading such funniest internet memes, then this is the perfect time for you to start getting into. Apart from laughing at these memes, just spend a second to think …

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22 of the Worst Roommates Ever

It doesn’t take much to be a good roommate. Just be quiet, don’t dirt the dishes, stay out of the living room… basically stop existing. Yeah, there you go. That’s a good roommate. Anyway, here are some roommates that spitefully continue to exist.

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The Most Weird House Repairs That You Might Haven’t Seen In Your Whole Life

There’s no point of asking how stupid people can be. Because, if they’re stupid, then they don’t have anything other than doing stupid things. Anyway, here are some crazy people who think they’re the ultimate geniuses in repairing. In fact, they’re the most stupid repairers that I have ever seen in my life. Once you see these weird house repairs, …

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Creative Toilet Signs That Are Just Brilliant

Honestly, I just LOLed after watching these hilarious but creative toilet signs. There’s no more brilliant way than these to differentiate between men and women latrines. These people surely had done a great effort into making these most creative toilet signs. Take a look at these pictures and I’m sure you’ll pretty much love them all.

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Awkward Newspaper Headlines That Were Unintentionally Funny

Newspapers are always perfect and it needs to be so. Because thousands or even millions of people might be reading a newspaper and it should definitely be free from every kind of errors. As everything on earth is not completely perfect, some Newspapers greatly suffer from this imperfection. However, after going through these awkward newspaper headlines, one thing is for …

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