Saturday , 21 January 2017


Pictures That Prove Sometimes Kids Can Be Pure Evil

Have you ever been harassed by some little monsters? By little monsters, I meant stubborn kids that act and behave exactly like them. If you’ve, then you know how helpless you were at that time for not responding back. Such kids are always a pain in the ass for everybody especially their parents. Here are some such hilarious kids who’re …

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Hipsters Who’have Gone Way Too Far

Hipsters are always there in every generation and they will be remembered forever as a result of crazy part of their lifestyle. They all are around us and many of us are seeing them in our everyday life. But in case if you haven’t seen one, then here we have a collection of hipsters who we think have gone too …

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Hilarious Public Signs That Makes Our Earth Looks Like Alien-Invaded

If you doubt this places to be not on earth, then don’t get shocked as they’re right from where we’re living. In places where weirdos are so common, you can expect the public signs to be weird too. If you’re not shocked at all by seeing these hilarious public signs, then I can assume that you’re either tired of seeing …

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Office politics: The good, the bad, the ugly

Sometimes the office atmosphere just makes you want to burn the building down. That’s not the case here at HQ, as you’ll see, but we get a lot of office shenanigans sent our way that are quite cringe worthy. So when you’re sitting at your cubicle sneaking a peek at your phone because your company puts a block on most …

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Most Ridiculous And Crazy People That You Might’ve Never Seen

Most Ridiculous And Crazy People That You Might’ve Never Seen Crazy things are everywhere, even the people who we think to be perfect can be crazy sometimes. It isn’t bad or ugly to be crazy because the human brain is designed in such a way that people feel happy when they become crazier. But these people had taken their craziness …

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Nice Try! But You’re Doing It Wrong

If you’re someone who’re doing things just like these people, then I have no words for you, because you might probably be fed up of doing such stupid things. What on earth were these people thinking before attempting this stupidity? Although we never know what encouraged them to do these, yet we all can thank them for being an absurd …

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