Thursday , 23 February 2017


“Mom Don’t Read” – By Brian

Brian, I have to hand it to you buddy – you dream big. You set out to write a story badass enough to rival The Odyssey by Homer and you fuckin’ nailed it. Bravo. It might be the crudely drawn photo of you standing on boobs wielding a sword, it might be the fact that you described a girl as …

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Heartbreakingly Misspelled Tattoos That Will Make You LOL

Many of us love getting tattooed and it does look good on our body. But one thing that every tattoo enthusiast forget to remember is that tattoos are forever. If it is so, then why the hell would these people still risked it? Here are some sad examples of misspelled tattoos that these people have to bear on their body …

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Funny And Weird People From Russian Social Networks

Funny And Weird People From Russian Social Networks Russia isn’t just a land of people who’re genius in making bombs and missiles, but sometimes you just have to go through these pictures to understand what Russia actually is. Every corner of the earth has funny and weird People. But in Russia, the number just got a bit high.

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Of The Worst And Terrible Photoshop Fails

According to me, there is no one in this world who don’t know about photoshop, In fact, people are completely crazy running after it. This photo editing tool is really useful for us in many ways. From creating unbelievable pictures to sketch out our imagination, and to serve many other purposes. But these ludicrous people have completely ruined that purpose …

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Weird And Funny Modes of Transportation

You may all agree with the sad fact that a part of our world is completely filled with weirdos like these. Whatever they do, they’ll make sure that it’s done perfectly in the weirdest way. Check out these weird modes of transportation these guys have adopted. Although there ain’t any use arguing with such people, we could at least use …

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Yesterday was #DMYourCrushDay which didn’t go well for some people

It’s always a big step for people to talk to their crush, but luckily for those of us in the social media age there’s a chance to do it without the possibility of face-to-face rejection. So yesterday the internet decided to make it #DMYourCrushDay on Twitter, and as you can tell from the reactions below the loneliness of no direct …

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