Thursday , 25 August 2016



Pizzas in Brazil are breaking the mold in every way possible

Earlier this week I posted a gallery of some of the most bizarre pizzas found all around the globe…or so I thought. That was until I stumbled upon the madmen at the Brazilian Pizza establishment known as Pizzaria Bate-Papo. What you’re about to see breaks all the rules of conventional & sane pizza-making. I do not recommend or condone these …

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These Teens Revealed A Super Powered Surprise On Prom Night

It’s prom season which means teens all over the world will be getting dressed up for their special night. But these teens decided to do something different for the Subiaco Academy prom, in Arkansas. They hid superhero outfits underneath their fancy prom clothes. These kids are all business on the surface, but they’re more than ready to save the world …

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Cartoon characters you might not have known share the same voice

Mallory Archer (“Archer”) and Fran Sinclair (“Dinosaurs”) Both of these characters are/were voiced by Jessica Walter, who also starred as the alcoholic mom in “Arrested Development.” The Brain (“Pinky and the Brain”) and Morbo (“Futurama”) Maurice LaMarche tried to take over the world as The Brain, as well as reporting the news on “Futurama.”   Princess ‘Kida’ Kidagakash (“Atlantis: The …

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These Realistic Celebrity Masks Are Both Creepy And Cool

Visual artist Landon Meier started making realistic masks as a hobby but not his company Hyperflesh is selling some of the best masks on the market. Their masks look incredibly realistic. The company pays great attention to detail and their masks are so realistic that at times they can be uncomfortable to look at.

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