Saturday , 22 October 2016



College GameDay signs are back

College GameDay was back at it this weekend at Kyle Field in College Station for the Texas A&M and Tennessee game. The game went to double overtime before the Aggies won, 45-38. Check out some of the funnier signs from GameDay this weekend.

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These Menu Items Have Got Some Unbelievable Food Names

The basic functionality of food is to kill our hunger, but nowadays many people eat food just to fulfill their desire. Today foods have become not just tasty and delicious but also beautiful and mouth-watering. But as we all know the types and names of food changes from region to region. However, there is even some food which has weird …

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The Word “Weirdness” Is Just Not Enough To Address These People

I’m not surprised at all! This can definitely happen in the world we’re living in. In fact, there’s no doubt that the world can be lot weird place than what we are seeing these pictures because a large part of the world’s population are either weird like these or just plainly stupid. However, you’ll never get any explanation anywhere for …

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