Thursday , 30 March 2017


Awkward Wedding Moments That Will Make You Gasp

The wedding is one among the auspicious occasion in everyone’s life and we try to make it special. But it is also the event where most awkward moments happen. Here we have collected a gallery full of awkward wedding moments that I or you can possibly become part of. Get into it and go through these pictures that will definitely …

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Most Ironic Things Happened When People Tried to be Smart

This is why I love this world. It is full of weird people, things, and incidents that happen when these two (people and things) sections come across. Basically, irony takes place when these two sections meet and to show you that we have compiled this. These colorful and strange people make the world beautiful and the irony is that they …

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Wild Rhino Demands Belly Rub From Cameraman

It was just another ordinary day for cameraman Garth De Bruno Austin, who was shooting a conservation film about rhino poaching in South Africa, when he was suddenly approached by a rhino asking for a belly rub. All of this was captured in a 15-second video that proves even rhinos need some TLC every now and then. “If a rhino …

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